17 Best Minecraft Mob Farm Ideas [2023]

Gamers are always searching for incredible and valuable Minecraft mob farm ideas as mobs play a key role in the game. A wide variety of blocks and items, ranging from food to utility, are obtained through mobs. You can create mob farms to make the process simpler and more efficient.

Minecraft has over 50 types of unique mobs, and almost every mob drops something. You can farm every mob by building farms to obtain drops and experience points. In this article, we have collected a list of exciting and useful Minecraft mob farms that you can build in your world. 

Here are the 17 Minecraft Mob Farms to Build in your world!

17) Hoglin farm

Baby hoglin

For a long time, cow farms reigned as one of Minecraft’s best food and leather sources. But the introduction of hoglins in the 1.16 Nether Update has overpowered the cow farm. Once you make it to the Nether realm, you can farm hoglins pretty quickly. 

Upon dying, hoglins drop 0-1 leather and 2-4 porkchop. If a hoglin dies while on fire, it drops cooked porkchop. Did you know hoglins are scared of warped fungi and avoid these at all costs? That’s lucky for us as we can create a Minecraft mob farm using warped fungi to drive hoglins into a lava pit. 

16) Chicken farm

Minecraft chicken

Chicken is one of the oldest mobs in Minecraft and has been a sustainable source of food for a long time. Minecraft chickens also lay eggs that can spawn baby chickens like real-life chickens. Using this mechanic, you can create an automatic chicken farm, and this farm produces cooked chicken and feathers automatically. 

15) Squid farm

Minecraft squid

While roaming the world of Minecraft, you will find squids spawning in almost every river and ocean. This aquatic creature has a high spawning rate making it pretty easy to farm. A squid farm produces tons of ink sacs easily. You can use ink sacs to create black dye in Minecraft.

14) Glow squid farm

Glow Squid Minecraft

Glow squids are a recent new mob added as part of the Caves & Cliffs update. Three mobs are almost identical to the regular squids but have a bright glowy texture. Glow squids drop glow ink sacs when killed. You can use glow ink sacs to make signs glow and create funky texts.

13) Wool farm

Minecraft mob farm for wool

Wool has many interesting uses in Minecraft. You can use wool to craft beds, prevent sound vibrations, decorate bases, and more. The best way to get wool is by shearing sheep using shears in Minecraft. Since sheep can regrow their wool by eating grass, you can get lots of wool from a single sheep. 

After a sheep is sheared, it will eat grass off a dirt block. An observer can detect this event, activating a dispenser containing shear. The shear will cut sheep’s wool, and a minecart hopper collection system will collect wool. 

12) Spider farm

Minecraft spider

A spider farm is one of the best ways to get strings in Minecraft. Along with strings, spider farms also produce spider eyes. You can use spider spawners found in mineshafts to create a simple spider farm. With strings, you can craft bows, fishing rods, leads, crossbows, and many other useful items, whereas spider eyes are crucial for brewing poison and weakness potions. 

11) Guardian farm

Minecraft guardian

Guardians are the protector and inhabitants of ocean monuments in Minecraft. These aquatic creatures are highly hostile and attack not only players but other mobs as well. With a guardian farm, you will get tons of prismarine shards, prismarine crystals, and cod. Using prismarine shards and crystals, you can make some of the game’s most beautiful blocks, like dark prismarine and sea lanterns. 

10) Skeleton XP farm

Skeleton farm Minecraft

Deep under the ground, you can find cube-shaped structures called dungeons. Every dungeon spawns with a mob spawner of either zombie, skeleton, or spider. If you ever encounter a skeleton spawner, turn it into a skeleton XP farm. 

Skeleton mob spawner can easily be turned into an XP farm. Skeletons drop arrows, bones, and sometimes bows and arrows as well. If you add powdered snow to the farm, you can also get arrows of slowness. 

9) Gold farm

Minecraft gold farm

After diamond and netherite, gold is the rarest mineral in Minecraft. Luckily, gold can be farmed automatically in Minecraft. Zombie piglins drop golden nuggets and ingots when killed by a player. You can go above the nether bedrock ceiling to create a massive gold farm. Once you have created a gold farm, you can use the gold from it to power a piglin bartering system to get many helpful items.

8) Iron golem farm

Iron golem

In Minecraft, iron will forever be a useful resource. Iron is used for crafting various weapons, armors, tools, and blocks like anvils, rails, cauldrons, hoppers, pistons, smithing tables, and many more. With so many uses, building an iron golem farm is always a good choice.

Iron golem farms are easy to build. These farms rely on villagers who summon iron golems when they are scared. You can capture an illager or a zombie to frighten villagers. On dying, iron golems drop iron ingots. 

7) Enderman XP farm

Enderman farm

After defeating the Ender Dragon, you gain access to the End realm and can do anything in this dark, void space. One interesting fact about the End realm is that endermen are the only natural spawning mobs here, and this means they have an extremely high spawn rate in the End. 

Enderman farm, created in the End, produce tons of experience points and ender pearls. You can go from level 1 to 30 within a few minutes using an enderman XP farm. Enderman XP farm is one of the best Minecraft mob farm ideas. 

6) Witch farm

Minecraft witch

Witches are rare mobs usually found as part of illager raids and inside witch huts. When it comes to drops, witches have the most variety in Minecraft. You can get one to three of the following items from defeating a witch:

  • Sticks
  •  Glass bottles
  • Glowstone dust
  • Redstone dust
  • Spider eyes 
  • Sugar

If a witch is killed while she is drinking a potion, she can also drop: 

  • Potion of Healing
  • Potion of Fire Resistance
  • Potion of Swiftness
  • Potion of Water Breathing

Witch farms are one of the most profitable Minecraft mob farms. You can use a witch hut to create a witch farm.

5) Blaze rod farm

Blaze in Nether

Minecraft features a wide variety of potions created through a brewing system. To brew potions, you will first have to obtain blaze rod, an item dropped by blazes found in nether fortresses. Since blaze spawners generate naturally, you can use them to create a blaze rod farm easily and brew as many potions as you would like. 

4) Drowned farm

drowned farm

Drowned are aquatic zombies who rarely spawn with exotic tridents, a rare non-craftable weapon. Trying to get trident without a drowned farm might take a long time. You can create a drowned farm to get multiple tridents and nautilus shells. 

3) Shulker farm

Shulker farm

After the Caves & Cliffs update, you can create automatic shulker farms in Minecraft. When a shulker bullet hits another shulker while its lid is open, it will spawn a new identical shulker. This is a complex process, but thanks to amazing Minecraft farm designers, we can now have automatic shulker farms. 

2) Creeper farm

creeper mob

Creepers are probably the most famous mob in the entire Minecraft history. When a creeper dies, it drops gunpowder. You can also get gunpowder from other mobs, but creepers are pretty common and easy to farm. Creeper farms use carpets and trap doors to allow only creepers to spawn and cats to force creepers into the death trap. 

1) Raid farm

Pillager raid

Raids are in-game events where illagers begin to attack villagers. The game triggers a raid when a player with the Bad Omen curse enters a village, and you can use this event to create a Minecraft mob farm. During a raid, vindicators, pillagers, ravagers, witches, and evokers spawn, and you can farm all of them to get drops like emeralds, totems of Undying, saddles, and more. 

Final words

There are many creative ways to farm mobs in Minecraft. The 17 farm ideas shared in this article are some of the best ways to do it. With a bit of planning and effort, you can create an efficient and effective Minecraft mob farm. 

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