7 Best Seeds for Cave Biomes in Minecraft 1.18

On November 30, 2021, Mojang released the biggest update in Minecraft’s decade-long history. Caves & Cliffs Update was Mojang’s most ambitious project awaited by the entire Minecraft community. All anticipated terrain features were pushed to the second phase of Caves & Cliffs, which is finally available to play.

Minecraft 1.18 update, titled Caves & Cliffs Part II, introduced magnificent mountains and giant caves to the infinite vast worlds. Many players returned to play the iconic sandbox game to explore the new terrain generation featured in this new update. Added in the latest 1.18 update, cave biomes have become some of the coveted locations in Minecraft. Unfortunately, because of the randomness in Minecraft worlds, getting a perfect seed requires immense luck, especially for players looking for cave biomes. Luckily, Minecraft allows players to enter seeds while creating a new world.

Using seeds, players can generate worlds with specific biomes and structures, giving access to wanted resources. Here are some amazing Minecraft 1.18 seeds for beautiful caves.

Use these 7 Minecraft seeds for amazing caves

1) Vast lush cave

Seed: -268282568 (Bedrock Edition)

  • This seed features an exposed lush cave within 100 blocks from spawn.
  • Players can find the opening to the lush cave at -204, 65, 30.
  • Besides beautiful lush caves, this seed also features new mountain
  • biomes added in the 1.18 update. At 256, 180, -280, a mountain range
  • featuring meadows, frozen peaks, and groves is generated.

Since its first glimpse in Minecraft Live 2020, players have been eagerly waiting to explore the alluring lush caves. Now that Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II has arrived, the community has become busy exploring the new look of the Overworld. Players looking for lush caves can try this seed to spawn right next to a lush cave.

This seed spawns players in a vast taiga biome covered with giant spruce trees and deep canyons separating the land. Players will feel tempted to build a warm and cozy wooden home with all the spruce trees.

2) Giant cave with unnatural village

Minecraft Village inside cave

Seed: 2442358372918366904 (Java Edition)

  • In this seed, a tiny village house has generated inside a giant cave at 82 38 263. The village has one house and an animal enclosure with two cows and a horse.

Cave generation in Minecraft 1.18 update is way beyond any player’s imagination. Not only players but villagers are also enjoying the beautiful Caves & Cliffs update, as apparent from this seed, where a village generates in the cave.

Besides the intriguing village, the spawn area is also an eye-pleasing location. Players will find themselves close to glorious jagged peaks upon entering this seed. Upon heading North from spawn, a village and frozen peak biome become visible.

3) Village, lush cave, and dripstone cave

Village and cave

Seed: 8802566946672345316 (Java Edition)

  • In this seed, players will spawn inside a village close to a windswept savanna biome.
  • A large group of dripstone caves generates underneath the surface at 70, 34, 170.
  • The nearest chain of lush caves appears at 250, 28. 550 underneath swamp biomes.

This seed has a multitude of features added in Caves & Cliffs Part II. Players can discover lush and dripstone caves in less than a 500 block from the spawn point.

Moreover, this seed has a perfect spawn for survival gameplay, owing to the village. Players can start trading will villagers right off the bat. With the haybales lying around the village, food shortage won’t be an issue for a long time.

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4) Gigantic exposed dripstone cave

Exposed Minecraft cave

Seed: 1671308434037806506 (Java Edition)

  • In this seed, players will spawn right next to a colossal dripstone cave that has been completely exposed.

Unlike beautiful and eye-pleasing lush caves, dripstone caves are filled with dangers. Players can spot a massive exposed cave system next to the spawn location. Tread carefully around here as falling on top of pointed dripstone can cause one to die in Minecraft.

5) Lush cave under badlands

Minecraft  Hidden Lush Cave

Seed: 6569945437464951743 (Java Edition)

  • This seed’s spawn point is in a beautiful snow-covered range of jagged peaks followed by snowy slopes, groves, and many icy biomes.
  • At coordinates -1949, 49, 1696, players can find a giant lush cave underneath badlands.

Players can enjoy both sides of the Minecraft 1.18 update with this seed. The spawn point features lovely jagged peaks and a plains village at X: -176 Z: 128. 

There are many giant caves around the spawn. But at -1949, 49, 1696, players will find spectacular lush caves hidden below badlands. Sadly, this cave biome is pretty far away from spawn, but it is worth checking out.

6) Large sinkhole

Sinkhole cave

Seed: -873584229 (Bedrock Edition)

  • A giant sinkhole divided by lake and dripstone cave generates at 233, -1090.

Minecraft worlds are made up of nothing but randomness. Caves & Cliffs update has left players flabbergasted as the new terrain generation exceeds everybody’s expectation. But due to randomness, sometimes the terrain generation can be whacky.

In this seed, players can find a giant sinkhole at X:233 Z:-1090. This hole is split into a lake and an exposed dripstone cave. Players now have to be careful when exploring the world as there are dangerous crevices in the Overworld.

7) Lush caves hidden beneath jungle hills

Hidden lush cave

Seed: 743324574 (Java Edition)

  • Players can find large lush caves hidden underneath jungle hills at 1767, 115, -1934.

In this seed, players can discover two pretty biomes at the same place. While traveling to the coordinates mentioned above, players will find vast jungles with abundant trees. If that’s not enough greenery, go through the cave entrance to enter a magnificent chain of lush caves.

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