How to Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Ancient Technology Points are one of the most important resources in Palworld, and you would want to start collecting a bunch of them after you have leveled up a bit. But how do you actually get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld?

If you have have started playing Palworld, you are most likely familiar with the Technology tab. As you explore and capture pals in the Palpagos Islands, you will start leveling up and unlock more tiers in the Technology tab. At first, unlock blue prints will only require you to spend technology points, which are quite easily obtainable either by leveling up or from technical manuals found from opening chests.

After reaching level 7, you will be able to unlock a new building called Egg Incubator, but it requires one Ancient Technology points to unlock. Let’s talk about how you can get these valulable Ancient Technology Points in Palworld.

How do You Get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

There are only two ways to get Ancient Technology Points in Points – Raid bosses and Alpha Pals. On defeating a Raid boss for the first time, you will be rewarded with five Ancient Technology Points, whereas defeating or capturing an Alpha Pal for the first time will give you only one Ancient Technology Points.

Palworld - Alpha pal

In Palworld, there are more than enough Alpha Pals for you to fight and collect Ancient Technology Points. However, there aren’t many raid bosses, and the ones existing in the Palpagos Islands can be quite hard to deal with when you have just started your journey. It is better to fight low-level Alpha Pals to get some Ancient Technology Points.

Here is a list of some low-level Alpha Pal bosses you can fight early in Palworld along with their coordinates:

Low-level Alpha PalLocation and Coordinates
Chillet (Level 11)East of Rayne Syndicate Tower (170, -416)
Gumoss (Level 11)Southwest of Sea Breeze Archipelago Church (-110, -630)
Sweepa (Level 11)South of Small Cove in Sea Breeze Archipelago (-226, -592)
Penking (Level 15)North of Rayna Syndicate Tower (114, -354)
Grindtale (Level 17)Northwest of Marsh Island Church Ruins (355, -243)
Azurobe (Level 17)West of Bridge of the Twin Knights (-51, -390)

After you have leveled up a bit and captured a bunch of strong pals, go to the Rayne Syndicate Tower to fight Zoe & Grizzbolt (Level 10). Don’t underestimate them because of their level. Raid bosses have a large pool of HP and come with a time limit, making them quite a hard battle. However, on defeating them, you will be handsomely rewarded with five Ancient Technology Points.

What to do with Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Palworld - Technology Tab

You can use Ancient Technology Points to unlock various Ancient Technologies in the Technology tab. Here is a list of all Ancient Technologies and how many Ancient Technology Points you need to unlock them in Palworld:

LevelAncient TechnologyAncient Technology Points Required
7Egg IncubatorOne point
10Small Feed BagOne point
12Grappling GunOne point
14Pal Essence CondenserTwo points
17Mega Grappling GunTwo points
20Average Feed BagTwo points
22Hip LanternTwo points
26Large Feed BagThree points
29Single-Shot Sphere LauncherFour points
32Giga Grappling GunThree points
35Huge Feed BagFour points
38Scatter Sphere LauncherFive points
40Lily’s SpearThree points
42Decal Gun SetOne point
45Giant Feed BagFive points
47Hyper Grappling Gun Four points
50Homing Sphere LauncherFive points

Among all Ancient Technologies, you should definitely unlock the Egg Incubator for hatching pal eggs, the Pal Essence Condenser for making better pals, and the Grappling Gun to make traversing from one place to another fun and quick.

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