Best Enchantments for Cave Exploration in Minecraft [2023]

One of the most fun things to do in Minecraft is to explore the endless lands and discover all the biomes. After the release of the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs and the 1.19 The Wild Update, caves in Minecraft have become a lot more diverse and magnificent.

Journeying into the new caves is something every player should try. However, it is not very safe. In the new biomes, you may sometimes find yourself surrounded by vicious mobs and maybe the infamous warden. In situations like these, having good weapons and tools with enchantments will immensely help you survive.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best enchantments for cave exploration in Minecraft.

Enchantments for exploring Caves in Minecraft



Not just for cave explorations, but Mending is arguably the most crucial enchantment in the game as it restores your tools’ durability. It uses the experience points you collect to repair the tool or any other item that is currently equipped.

If you do not have an anvil while exploring a deep cave, you will not be able to repair your tools, and that is when this enchantment will come in clutch. The best thing about Mending is that it can be applied to any tool.

Unfortunately, Mending is a treasure enchantment, which means it can only be acquired through the loot chests of Jungle temples and strongholds or by trading with a librarian. You may also get an enchanted book with Mending through fishing, but the odds are negligible.

Feasibly the best way of obtaining Mending in Minecraft is by trading. You can find librarians in villages or create one of your own by placing a lectern next to an unemployed villager. If the villager does not offer Mending, you can break its lectern and place it again before trading with it to reset its trade offers. Repeat this until it offers Mending.



Efficiency is a simple enchantment that will increase the tool’s speed. This will speed up mining blocks which will save you a lot of time in the long term. Being able to mine quickly will help you collect ores and travel across the new biomes much more quicker.

Efficiency has five different levels; at the max level(5), the tool speed increases by 45%. A stone or diamond tool placed on the enchantment table can receive the Efficiency enchantment up to level 5. You may also find diamond tools with Efficiency V in the loot chests, end cities, and bastions.



If you plan on going on a long cave exploration session, you are bound to find a ton of valuable ores. When mining ores, Fortune is a must-have because it increases the number of items dropped upon mining a block.

With Fortune III, you may get up to four diamonds per diamond ore. This enchantment can be obtained directly from the enchanting table or a librarian.



Unbreaking is a wonderful enchantment that can be applied to any tool, weapon, or armor. This enchantment increases the item’s durability, which makes it last longer.

On average, items equipped with Unbreaking III(highest level) increase a tool’s lifetime by 300%. You can get Unbreaking from an enchanting table, and a librarian may offer it as well.

Feather Falling

Fall to death

The caves in Minecraft 1.19 can go very deep because players often fall to their deaths when inside the new biomes. With the help of the Feather Falling enchantment, you can significantly reduce the damage you sustain.

Feather Falling has four levels in Minecraft. The maximum level will reduce the damage you take by 48%. You can apply this enchantment only to boots.

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