Best Minecraft Enchantments for Everything

Minecraft is a huge sandbox game with a ton of exciting features that can improve your experience. Enchantments are one of the best features of Minecraft that lets you further enhance different aspects of your weapons, tools, armors, and a few other items.

However, there are a lot of different enchantments in the game. A few of them can only be useful in some situations, while a few others are a must-have.

To clear out the confusion, we will discuss the best enchantments for your items in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft enchantments

Before we dive into the different enchantments and what they are useful for, let’s learn the different ways in which enchantments can be acquired and how we can apply them.

Enchanting table

enchanting tablee

An enchanting table is a block that provides different enchantments for the items you place on it. When correctly set up with fifteen bookshelves, it will provide you with some top-tier enchantments in Minecraft.

Enchanting tables can be crafted using two diamonds, four obsidians, and a book. You will need lapis lazuli and at least a few experience levels to use the table. You can mine lapis lazuli ore with a stone pickaxe or better and then smelt it to get lapis lazuli.

Place your item in the first slot of the table and lapis lazuli in the other, then click on one of the enchantments offered by the table to apply it.

Enchanted books

enchanted book

Besides tools, weapons, and a few items, books can also be enchanted. Using the enchanting table, you can place enchantments on books and then apply them to your tools later. To do so, you will need an anvil.

Place the item to be enchanted and the enchanted book in the two slots of the anvil and collect the enchanted item. Players often enchant a book instead of an item when the enchanting table is not offering any good enchantments. This will reset the currently available enchantments and show new ones.

The must-have enchantment for all items

  • Unbreaking III: This enchantment makes your items last longer by giving the enchanted item a chance to avoid reduction of its durability when used.
  • Mending: It can be applied to all weapons, tools, and other enchantable items. With mending applied to everything, you will never have to worry about your items breaking. This is because mending uses the experience points you collect to repair the items that are equipped at that moment.

Enchantable items that do not have any good enchantments other than these two are not mentioned below.

Best armor enchantments

armor enchantments

Apart from Mending and Unbreaking, here are all the enchantments that are worth applying to your:


  • Respiration III: Increases the amount of time you can breathe underwater. This is a must-have enchantment for your helmet if you plan to explore an Ocean Monument.
  • Protection IV: As the name suggests, this enchantment protects the helmet it is equipped with by reducing the damage you sustain by 16%.


  • Protection IV.
  • Fire Protection IV: This amazing enchantment reduces the damage you would sustain from fire and decreases burn time. Fire protection cannot be applied to an item with the Protection enchantment.


  • Protection IV.
  • Fire protection IV.


  • Protection IV.
  • Feather falling IV: A must-have enchantment for your boots is the Feather Falling IV. As you can guess from the name, this enchantment will reduce any damage you sustain from fall damage. The damage is reduced by 48%.
  • Depth Strider III: With this enchantment, you can swim underwater as fast as you normally walk on land.

Best tool enchantments



  • Efficiency V: Efficiency significantly increases the time it takes you to mine a block. With Efficiency level 5, you can mine 45% faster than at regular speed.
  • Fortune III: Before you go on a mining session, make sure to enchant your pickaxe with fortune, as it will increase the number of items being dropped upon mining an ore.
  • Silk Touch: When a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch is used to mine a block, it drops itself instead of the item it would’ve normally dropped. Using it, you can even collect sculk blocks. 


  • Efficiency V.


  • Efficiency V.
  • Sharpness V: Use this enchantment only if you use the axe as a weapon. This will increase the damage you deal using an axe by 3 health points in Minecraft Java Edition and 6.25 in Bedrock Edition.


  • Silk Touch.
  • Efficiency V.

Best weapon enchantments



  • Sharpness.
  • Looting III: Looting increases the number of items a mob will drop when killed by a sword.
  • Sweeping Edge III: This enchantment increases the damage you would deal to mobs with sweep attacks by 75%.


  • Flame: When attacked with an arrow shot from a Flame-enchanted bow, mobs are set on fire.
  • Infinity: With the Infinity enchantment applied, you will never run out of arrows. With this enchantment, you can shoot infinite arrows as long as there’s at least one arrow in your inventory.
  • Power V: This increases the damage dealt by a bow and arrow by 150%.


  • Loyalty: This enchantment makes it so that when you throw a trident, it will return to you after hitting its target.
  • Channelling: A trident equipped with this enchantment channels a lightning bolt towards its target.


  • Multishot: A crossbow equipped with the multishot enchantment shoots three arrows at once while using only one arrow from your inventory.
  • Quick Charge III: A crossbow with this enchantment only takes half a second to reload itself

Other enchantable items

fishing rod

Fishing rod:

  • Luck of the sea III: This will increase your chances of catching a valuable item with your fishing rod.


  • Efficiency V.

This wraps up our best Minecraft enchantments guide. We hope this guide helped you decide the best enchantments for your armors, tools, and weapons. Be sure to check out our other helpful game guides:

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