Elden Ring: Where to Get Claymore

Claymore is one of the classic weapons from the Dark Souls series brought to life in Elden Ring. Whether you’re a veteran of the Souls genre or a newbie ready to experience the horrors of Elden Ring, the Claymore is one of the best weapons to acquire in your journey across The Lands Between.

Moreover, the Claymore is an easily obtained weapon early in the game and can be acquired without engaging any enemies, as long as you’re confident in your sneaking skills. In this quick guide, we will tell you about the location where you can find the Claymore in Elden Ring and share some useful tips for using it.

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Elden Ring Claymore Location Guide

This is where you will find Claymore

Claymore is located at Castle Morne in the southern tip of the Weeping Peninsula. From Limgrave, simply continue heading south until you reach Castle Morne. Be wary of the Golem shooting bolts at you. After crossing the Golem, activate the Castle Morne Lift grace site.


Take the lift and ascend the castle to discover a pile of corpses with misbegottens celebrating on top. It’s not a pleasing sight, but our Claymore can be found just behind the corpse pile. Stealthily make your way behind the misbegottens and head to the right side of the corpse pile to locate the castle’s armory room. Inside this room, you’ll find a chest next to the exit. Open this chest and claim your Claymore!

Elden Ring Claymore: Everything you need to know


A large sword with a long, straight blade. This heavy sword is usually wielded with two hands, but for those with enough strength, one is sufficient.

In addition to the heavy sweeping attacks, it can also make a heavy piercing thrust making this a versatile weapon.

Weapon description

Claymore is a Greatsword weapon in Elden Ring with a stat requirement of 16 Strength and 13 Dexterity. This sword comes with Lion’s Claw, an ash of war, which deals immense poise damage. This makes Claymore a great starter weapon in Elden Ring, as a few heavy attacks and the Lion’s Claw skill are enough to stagger most enemies.

The Claymore also boasts a decent move set, featuring thrust attacks and true combos, which make it a staple for PvP battles. The Claymore is best suited for Strength builds, as it has a solid B scaling in Strength with Heavy affinity. However, it can also work with almost every build type by using the right affinity.

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