Genshin Impact 4-Star Character Tier List [November 2023]

Are you looking for the best 4-star characters to use in Genshin Impact? Look no further than our Genshin Impact 4-Star Character Tier List in November 2023! Genshin Impact has captured the hearts of players around the world with its stunning open-world design, engaging story, and diverse cast of characters. Among the playable characters, the 4-star ones hold a special place in the hearts of many players due to their accessibility and effectiveness in combat.

With so many characters to play, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth investing in. That’s why we’ve compiled a tier list of the best 4-star characters in Genshin Impact as of November 2023. Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned veteran, this list will help you make informed decisions about building your team.

Best 4-Star Characters in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Xiangling

Currently, Genshin Impact features a host of 32 unique 4-star characters. Some characters are DPS oriented, while others are meant to be in supporting roles. We have considered each character’s complete kit for this tier list and ranked them accordingly. Without further ado, let’s look at the tier list for 4-star characters in Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact 4.0 tierlist
SXiangling, Xingqiu, Bennett, Sucrose
AShikanoin Heizou, Yanfei, Rosaria, Beidou, Fischl, Kuki Shinobu
BYaoyao, Gorou, Kujou Sara, Diona, Kaeya, Razor, Ninguang, Layla, Collei, Kaveh, Lynette, Freminet
CMika, Faruzan, Yunjin, Sayu, Xinyan, Lisa, Barbara, Thoma, Noelle, Chongyun, Kirara, Charlotte
DCandace, Dori, Amber

With almost every update, Genshin Impact receives new characters and weapons. As more 4-star arrive at the game, we will test them at Constellation 0 and place them in the tier list. If you think we have misplaced a character in the above Genshin Impact tier list, please let us know in the comments, and we will reevaluate their strength and weapons in the current meta.

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