Genshin Impact: Best Weapons for Wriothesley

Wondering what the best weapons for Wriothesley in Genshin Impact are? Then, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll discuss the best 5-star and 4-star weapon options available for Wriothesley, the new 5-star Cryo DPS character. Whether you’re a whale with loads of 5-star catalysts or an F2P player with limited options, we have something for you!

After three long years of anticipation, Genshin Impact players can finally dive into the frosty world of a new Cryo catalyst character, Wriothesley. This tea connoisseur, once a prisoner in the Fortress of Meropide, has now graced Genshin Impact with his presence in the 4.1 update. Wriothesley shines as a 5-star Cryo DPS character, but what sets them apart is their unique combat style. Unlike traditional Catalyst users, Wriothesley prefers to pummel enemies at close range with their bare fists.

Note: All 5-star and 4-star gacha weapons are considered at Refinement Rank 1, while event and craftable weapons are judged at Refinement Rank 5.

What are the Best Weapons for Wriothesley in Genshin Impact?

As a Cryo character, Wriothesley offers two distinct playstyles: Cryo Freeze DPS or Reverse Melt DPS. When considering the best weapon for Wriothesley, it’s crucial to align it with your chosen playstyle.

Best 5-star Weapons for Wriothesley

Here are the best 5-star weapons you can use on Wriothesley:

1) Cashflow Supervision

Cashflow Supervision is the signature weapon of Wriothesley and is the best-in-slot catalyst for him. It comes with a massive base Attack of 674 along with a decent 22.1% Crit Rate. This weapon’s passive, Golden Blood-Tide, boosts Attack by 16%. When your health increases or decreases, your Normal Attack deals 16% more damage, and your Charged Attack does 14% more damage for 4 seconds. You can stack this effect up to 3 times, and it can trigger every 0.3 seconds. When you have all 3 stacks, your Attack Speed increases by 8%.

As Wriothesley’s damage comes from his normal attacks, this passive effect is just perfect for him. It also boosts Attack Speed, which is one of the rarest status boosts.

2) Tulaytullah’s Remembrance

Best Wriothesley weapon - Tulaytullah's Remembrance

Before Wriothesley, we received another aggressive 5-star catalyst, The Wanderer, who coincidentally is also focused on Normal and Charged Attacks. Wanderer’s signature weapon, Tulaytullah’s Remembrance, has a passive effect that works great for Wriothesley as well. It boosts Normal Attack damage upon using an elemental skill and also increases his Attack Speed by 10%.

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance also has a high base Attack of 674 and has 44.1% Crit DMG as a secondary stat. Players who already have this weapon can avoid wishing for Wriothesley’s signature weapon, Cashflow Supervision, as Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is pretty close to it in terms of damage.

3) Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds


Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a standard 5-star catalyst with a base Attack of 608 and 33.1% Crit Rate. It is a decent stat stick for all catalyst DPS characters, like Wriothesley. The passive effect increases movement speed and grants elemental DMG Bonus when the character is on the field. Wriothesley can easily use this passive effect as he is an on-field DPS carry.

These are the top three 5-star catalysts for Wriothesley in Genshin Impact right now. Players can also go for other DPS 5-star catalysts like Memory of Dust and Skyward Atlas, but they come with a few flaws.

Best 4-star Weapons for Wriothesley

Most Genshin Impact players don’t have access to 5-star weapons and end up having to choose from 4-star weapons. However, that’s not a problem, as 4-star weapons are nothing to scoff at. Some 4-star weapons can even outclass 5-star weapons with the right setup.

Here are the best 4-star weapons for Wriothesley:

1) The Widsith

Best weapons for wriothesley - The widsith

Widsith can be unreliable because of the RNG surrounding its buff. This weapon can grant one of the three buff types: Elemental DMG Bonus, Elemental Mastery, and ATK Boost. Elemental Mastery buff is amazing for players running Wriothesley in a reverse melt team, while Elemental DMG Bonus and ATK buff are good for all builds.

Widsith has a base attack of 510 and provides a whopping 55.1% Crit DMG. With this much Crit DMG, players will have an easier time maintaining a 1:2 Crit ratio.

2) Flowing Purity (Refinement Rank 5)

Best Wriothesley weapon - Flowing Purity

Flowing Purity is the craftable 4-star weapon from Fontaine and is accessible to all players. This catalyst has a base Attack of 565 along with 27.6% ATK. This weapon’s passive effect enhances Elemental Damage Bonus by 16% for 15 seconds when using an Elemental Skill. It also provides a Bond of Life, equal to 24% of your Max HP, which later boosts your Elemental Damage more.

3) Ballad of the Boundless Blue (Refinement Rank 5)

Best Wriothesley weapon - Ballad of the Boundless Blue

Ballad of the Boundless Blue is a free event-exclusive 4-star catalyst available in Genshin Impact 4.1’s Waterborne Poetry event. This weapon is released alongside Wriothesley and is supposed to be his F2P weapon. It has a base Attack of 565 with 30.6% Energy Recharge. The passive effect increases Normal Attack and Charged Attack damage, just like Wriothesley’s signature weapon.

4) Solar Pearl

Best Wriothesley weapon - Solar Pearl

Solar Pearl is a 4-star catalyst from Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass. It boosts Normal Attack damage when Elemental Skill or Burst is used. When it comes to Wriothesley, any weapon that boosts Normal Attack is worth checking out. Being a Battle Pass weapon, Solar Pearl has a 27.6% Crit Rate as a secondary stat and offers 510 base Attack.

5) Mappa Mare (Refinement Rank 5)

Best Wriothesley weapons - Mappa Mare

Mappa Mare is another craftable weapon available right from the start of the game. It is only recommended to use this weapon in reverse melt team comps. Mappa Mare has a base Attack of 565 and provides 110 Elemental Mastery, which is useful only for reaction teams.

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