How to Get Bones in Palworld

Wondering how you can obtain bones in Palworld? Bones are one of the many crafting materials found in Palworld. While the game revolves around capturing pals and utilizing their skills to your advantage, Palworld also features a massive crafting system that allows you to craft a wide variety of items, ranging from improved pal spheres to high-grade armors and more.

Among all crafting materials, bones stand out as one of the most useful items in Palworld. You need bones to craft the mega glider, cement, and medicines like High Grade Medical Supplies, Mind Control Meds, and all types of juices. Most of the time, you will be seeking bones to craft cement, as it is required for building and crafting many things in Palworld, especially Ultra Spheres and Legendary Spheres.

After reading this guide, you will know how to acquire an infinite amount of bones in Palworld.

Best Way to Get Bones in Palworld

The best way to obtain bones is by purchasing them from Merchant NPCs found in various locations across the Palpagos Island. These merchants have an infinite supply of bones as long as you have enough gold coins to purchase them.

If you have just started in the Plateau of Beginnings, there are two merchants closest to your spawn location. One is in the Small Settlement found east of the Plateau of Beginnings, and the second is on the coast east of the Marsh Island Church Ruins.

Palworld - Merchant NPC Menu

Once you have made some decent progress in Palworld, it is recommended to purchase bones in bulk, as you will be crafting numerous Ultra Spheres and Legendary Spheres, and perhaps even indulging in some base building with metal walls.

Palworld - Bones

If you have high-level pal spheres, you can also opt to capture the NPC Merchants and bring them to your base. This way, you won’t have to travel to their location every time you want to purchase bones in Palworld.

How to Obtain Bones in Palworld from Pals

When you are new to Palworld, you may not have access to enough gold coins for purchasing bones. Luckily, that’s not the only way to obtain bones. There are many pals who drop bones when defeated or captured. Below you can find a list of all pals who can drop bones and where to find them:

Pals who drop bonesTheir location
VixyAround Desolate Church and Small Settlement
RushoarIn all starting regions (Forgotten Island, Ice Wind Island, Eastern Wild Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef), Marsh Island, and near Desolate Church
CawgnitoThroughout Desiccated Desert and Bamboo Groves
LoupmoonVerdant Brook, Moonless Shore, and Bamboo Groves
GoriratVerdant Brook
MaraithAstral Mountains
VanwyrmMount Obsidian and in southeast of Bamboo Groves
Vanwyrm CrystEverywhere in Astral Mountains
BushiOn the beach south of Mount Obsidian and Wildlife Sanctuary No.3
VerdashWildlife Sanctuary No.3
AnubisOnly available as an alpha pal in Twilight Dunes

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