How did Minecraft get the Panda Death sound

Minecraft has loads of mobs taken straight out of our real world. You can find adorable animals like foxes and pandas roaming in the Overworld. Like hostile mobs, these passive creatures are susceptible to damage and getting hurt. For a long time, Minecrafters have pondered the question: how did Minecraft get the Panda Death sound.

All mobs have various types of voices played randomly or when certain conditions are met. In Minecraft, when a living creature gets hurt or dies, it creates a painful sound. Pandas, one of the cutest and most harmless mobs, also have sounds for death and getting hurt.

Because of how realistic they sound, it is natural to wonder whether any real pandas were hurt while creating these voices. Mojang has revealed this secret on their official YouTube channel.

How did Mojang get the Panda Death sound in Minecraft?

Minecraft panda hurt

To make it clear, no pandas were harmed in making voice sounds for the game. There’s no way Mojang would hurt these endangered species to get realistic noises. In a video titled “The Secrets of Minecraft: Death Sounds, Secret Animals, and Other Delights!”, Mojang officially revealed how death sounds for pandas were created.

Animal death sounds are created by recording real sounds and then editing them to create death sounds. To record the wonderful and cute noises of pandas, Mojang Studios’ lead sound designer, Samuel Ã…berg, flew to Guangzhou, China, to record the real-life voices of pandas in their natural habitat. No wonder pandas have the cutest sounds in Minecraft.

Where to Find Pandas in Minecraft


Many Minecraft players might never have seen a panda in their world. Panda is among the rarest mobs, spawning only in jungles and bamboo jungles. Both of these biomes are pretty rare in Minecraft. Players can breed two pandas by feeding them bamboo. This way, players can create as many pandas as they want.

After finding pandas, any player would fall in love with their whimpers, sneezes, and other adorable sounds. Sometimes, these playful creatures might roll off a cliff and hurt themselves, causing them to release a painful cry.

At the end of the day, it is glad to know that no real pandas were hurt to create painful panda death sounds in Minecraft. Thanks to amazing sound editing softwares, Mojang has also made death sounds for other animals such as dolphins, wolves, cats, etc.

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