How many bases can you have in Palworld

Palworld is a game about collecting pals and putting them to use either against other pals or at your base. If you want to do anything in pal, creating a base is crucial, as it gives you an area to build things like plantation, farms, and also a place to sleep and skip night. But how many bases can you really have in Palworld?

You can have four bases in Palworld. The Journey feature of Palworld guides you towards setting up a palbox which becomes your first base. However, as you progress further into the mysterious world of Palworld, you will need more bases for activities like ore mining, breeding pals, crude oil farming, and so on. To unlock more bases in Palworld, you will need to level up your palbox by building certain new structures.

How to Unlock New Bases in Palworld

Palworld - Unlocking bases

Upgrading palbox is the only way to unlock more base slots in Palworld. You can unlock one new base after reaching the following levels:

  • Level 10
  • Level 15
  • Level 25

At the time of writing, level 25 is the last palbox level in Palworld. You can have a maximum of four bases after upgrading your palbox to level 25. After you have unlocked an extra base slot in Palworld, add 3 stones, 8 wood, and 1 paladium fragment and go to the spot where you want to build your next base. Then, place a palbox to create your next base.

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What to Do in a New Base in Palworld

After unlocking a new base slot in Palworld, you can create a base dedicated to breeding pals, mining ores, and farming crude oil. You can have a base slot empty for raid bosses, as you need a base to summon them. Crude oil base should be one of your lowest priority unless you are at the endgame and want to craft palsteel to make new equipments and items like Ultimate sphere, palseed armor, etc.

How to Dismantle a Base in Palworld

Palworld - Dismantling a base

You can dismantle a base by destroying the palbox in the base or by selecting the base on the map and click on dismantle option. Be sure to move all pals from your base to the palbox or they will drop on the ground as pal spheres and will have to be collected. Also, structures you have built in the base will start to detoriate after you dismantle the base in Palworld.

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