How to Attract Frogs in Minecraft

Mobs can be found pretty much anywhere in a Minecraft world. On June 7, 2022, a huge Minecraft update titled “The Wild Update” was released that introduced a few new mobs and many world generation features.

One of the mobs that made its way to Minecraft through this update were frogs. These are unique passive mobs that don’t do much other than jumping around and eating small slimes. Unlike most mobs in the game, frogs have different variants. You may find three different types of frogs in Minecraft depending on which biome the tadpole grew up in.

How to Lure Frogs in Minecraft

steve frogs in Minecraft

Before we lure a frog, we need to find one. In Minecraft 1.19, 2-5 naturally spawned frogs can be found in the swamp and the newly introduced mangrove swamp biomes.

Once you have located at least one frog, you can lure them. To do so, you will need a slimeball. Slimeball is an uncommon item that can only be acquired by killing slimes. This mob can spawn in the swamp biome and specific chunks of the Overworld.

In slime chunks, slimes can spawn only below Y level 40, and in swamp biomes, they will spawn between Y 50 and 70. When killed, a slime will drop 0-2 slimeballs. However, if the slime is small, it will drop nothing.

Now that you have at least one slimeball with you, you can lure frogs by equipping the slimeball while standing in the frog’s vicinity.

If you feed the slimeballs to two frogs close to each other, you can also breed them. Doing so, one of the frogs will be impregnated and then look for the nearest water source and lay eggs in it. Later, the egg will hatch into a tadpole, eventually growing into a frog.

Types of frogs and where you can find them

frog types

The Minecraft 1.19 update introduced three different variants of frogs. The only difference between the three variants of frogs is their appearance and where can they be found:

  • Temperate: Temperate type frogs are orange-colored. Their tadpoles grew up in biomes where the temperature is mild such as Rivers, Beach, Forests, Dripstone caves, and Lush caves. This variant of frog is the most common.
  • Cold: These frogs are green in color. Tadpoles grown in frozen biomes such as Snowy beaches, Frozen peaks, and Jagged peaks have green color.
  • Warm: Tadpoles that grew up in biomes such as Jungle, Warm oceans, and Badlands. These frogs are white.

Uses of frogs

three froglights

Frogs do not drop anything upon death, so killing these passive animals isn’t worth it. However, a new beautiful light block called froglight can be farmed using frogs. Froglights are one of the brightest light-emitting blocks in the game.

When a frog kills a small magma cube, a froglight is dropped. There are three different variants of froglights, and the colors are the same as the different frog colors in Minecraft. Which variants get dropped depends on the type of frog that killed the magma cube.

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn about frogs and how to breed these croaking mobs. While you are here, check out our other Minecraft guides: 

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