How to Get Ore in Palworld

Once you’ve established your base in Palworld, you’ll quickly grasp the importance of resource gathering. Whether it’s gathering Wood or Stone, these materials are essential for optimizing your operations. Among these resources, Ore holds particular significance, being a vital ingredient for crafting Ingots, which serve a multitude of purposes that we’ll delve into later.

To acquire Ore in Palworld, players must craft a Pickaxe, a straightforward process. Once crafted, players simply need to seek out the large orange rock formations scattered across the world and start mining away. For those still in the early stages of the game, Ore deposits can be found directly south of Fort Ruins. Additionally, they’re spread out across the map, so it’s wise to take note of their locations. In some fortunate instances, Ore deposits may even be found in proximity to other valuable Palworld resources like Coal.

How to Farm Ore in Palworld

Palworld - Ore vein

To expedite Ore farming, players should craft a Metal Pickaxe once they reach the requisite level 11. This tool demands 15 Stone, 20 Wood, and five Ingots for creation. Interestingly, those Ingots can be procured by mining Ore, effectively streamlining the entire process. While it may seem like a hefty investment, it significantly simplifies mining endeavors, rendering the task considerably smoother. Following this, enlist proficient mining Pals and set them to work, initiating a continuous production line that guarantees a steady supply of Ore. Consequently, you can divert your attention to optimizing which Pals acquire the finest weaponry in Palworld.

Best Ore Farming Locations in Palworld

Palworld Ore mining spot
  1. Desolate Church Area: Situated above the Desolate Church.
  2. North of Chillet Boss: A location slightly north of the Chillet boss.
  3. Northeast of Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance: Multiple ore mining spots.

Should you opt against establishing a base, direct farming remains an option. Additionally, Pals like Cattiva or Broncherry can augment your carrying capacity, mitigating concerns regarding weight.

What to do with Ore in Palworld

As mentioned earlier, Ore is essential for crafting Ingots in Palworld using your Furnace. These Ingots serve a variety of purposes, including upgrading your tools, crafting early-game weapons like Nails, and creating various materials crucial for constructing your base. They’re basically the backbone of your crafting endeavors!

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