How to Keep Chunks Loaded in Minecraft

Every world generated in Minecraft is divided into small portions called chunks. The dimensions of these portions are 16×16(384 blocks). Normally, you wouldn’t be able to see the edges of each chunk. However, you can enable chunk borders on Minecraft Java Edition by pressing F3 + G.

Identifying specific chunks can be useful if you plan on creating a slime farm since slimes spawn in specific chunks only.

Let’s learn how to keep specific chunks loaded in Minecraft.

Keeping Chunks Loaded in Minecraft

chunk loader

A lot of the time, when you are exploring the huge world of Minecraft, your automatic farms that are close to your base will stop working. To stop this from happening, we can create a chunk loader that keeps a specific chunk loaded all the time.

Let’s look at the items we need for creating a chunk loader:

  • A stack of kelp
  • A stack of dirt blocks
  • Obsidian for Nether portal
  • Flint & Steel
  • 10x Solid blocks
  • 2x Hopper
  • 4x Dispenser
  • 4x Observer


chunk step 1

Step 1: Create a Nether Portal but don’t activate it yet.

real step 2

Step 2: Place a dropper facing up, and on top, place a dispenser facing the portal as shown.

chunk step 2

Step 3: Place a hopper connected to the dropper for the next step. Then, place two observers facing each other, as shown in the above image. The arrows on the observers should help understand how they need to be placed. Cover the other side of the portal with blocks.

Step 4: Test the contraption by activating the portal and placing a few blocks inside the dropper. Travel through the portal to see if the items are going through the portal.

chunk nether

Step 5: Create the same contraption with the portal in the Nether. Make sure you create the contraption on the portal side where the items fell after going through. Cover the portal with any blocks as shown.

The chunk loader will constantly toss items back and forth into the Nether which will keep the chunk it is in loaded all the time. Ensure that the chunk loader is in the same chunk as your farms by activating chunk borders.

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