How to make Every Workstation Block in Minecraft [2023]

While exploring the world of Minecraft, you will come across a wide variety of blocks that can be crafted. Workstation blocks are some of the unique blocks in the game that add more diversity to the game and provide more objectives to complete.

One of the main reasons why workstation blocks are worth acquiring is that they can be used to convert regular unemployed villagers into traders, and this is why they are also called job site blocks. Different workstation blocks will create different types of traders.

In this article, we will teach you how to craft every workstation block in Minecraft.

Crafting Workstation Blocks in Minecraft

In total, there are thirteen workstation blocks, and all of them can be crafted and used to create traders. Apart from converting villagers to traders, almost all the workstation blocks serve other uses as well.

1) Loom

A loom can be used to apply patterns on banners and to create shepherd villagers. You may find looms in villages inside shepherd houses.

To craft a loom, you will need the following items:

  • 2x Planks: You can get logs by chopping trees. Those logs can then be converted into planks by placing them in a slot of the crafting grid.
  • 2x Strings: Strings are uncraftable and can be obtained by killing spiders and cave spiders. Few other sources of strings are cobwebs, jungle temples, and dungeons.

Place these items as shown in the above image.

2) Barrel

A barrel is a storage block, and players can find up to three of it inside fisher houses. As you can guess from its name, a barrel can be used to convert an unemployed villager into a fisher. The crafting recipe for barrels is different in Bedrock and Java Editions.

To create a barrel in Java Edition, you will need:

barrel recipe
  • 6x Planks: Obtained by converting logs into planks.
  • 2x Wood slabs: By placing three planks in a horizontal line in the crafting grid of a crafting table, you can get wood slabs.

For crafting the same in Bedrock Edition, you will need six sticks instead of planks. Replace the planks with sticks and the rest of the recipe is same.

3) Cartography Table

The cartography table is an interesting block that can be used to zoom in and out of maps and create more clones of it. When a cartography table is placed next to an unemployed villager, it takes on the profession of a cartographer.

Gather the following resources and put them on a crafting table as shown to create a cartography table:

cartography recipe
  • 2x Paper: Paper is very easy to acquire as sugar cane is the only ingredient you need to craft paper. Naturally generated sugar cane can be found near water in the Overworld.
  • 4x Planks: Obtained by putting logs in the crafting grid.

4) Fletching table

Unlike other workstation blocks in Minecraft, the fletching table does not have much use other than turning villagers into fletchers.

To make yourself a fletching table, you will need to place these items as shown:

fletcher recipe
  • 2x Flint: Flint is a mineral that is dropped sometimes when a gravel block is mined. There’s a 10% chance of a gravel block dropping flint.
  • 4x Planks: Place logs in the crafting grid to get planks.

5) Smoker

Smoker is a workstation block that is commonly used for cooking food items. It can cook twice as fast as furnaces. A smoker can change the profession of a nearby villager to a butcher.

Here’s what you need to craft a smoker:

smoker recipe
  • 4x Logs of any type: Logs can be obtained by cutting trees.
  • 1x Furnace: Furnace can be crafted on the crafting table by placing eight cobblestone blocks on all the edges of the crafting grid.

6) Blast Furnace

Blast furnace is similar to regular furnace but smelts only raw ores, ore blocks, and a few tools and armor items. Armorer houses in villages may have a naturally generated blast furnace.

The following items are required to craft a blast furnace in Minecraft:

blast recipe
  • 5x Iron ingot: Iron ingots are obtained by smelting raw iron ores in a furnace or blast furnace.
  • 3x Smooth stone: Smelting cobblestone blocks provide stone that turns into smooth stone blocks on being smelted.
  • 1x Furnace: Furnaces can be created by placing eight cobblestone blocks on a crafting table.

7) Brewing stand

As you can guess from the name, the brewing stand can be used to brew various potions in Minecraft. A brewing stand can convert an unemployed villager into a cleric. Naturally generated brewing stands can be found in a few village houses. You can mine those brewing stands to collect them or craft them yourself.

To craft a brewing stand, acquire the following items and place them as shown:

brewing recipe
  • 1x Blaze rod: A rare item that is only dropped when a blaze is killed. If you are unaware, blazes are hostile mobs mostly spawned through blaze spawners in the Nether dimension. You can find blaze spawners inside nether fortresses.
  • 3x Cobblestone: Cobblestone is a common stone block generated in the Overworld. You can mine it using a stone pickaxe or better.

8) Cauldron

Cauldron is a unique block where you can store lava, water, and powdered snow. A naturally generated cauldron can be seen inside swamp huts. This is a unique structure that is generated only in the swamp biomes. Besides that, cauldrons may also generate in a few village houses, igloo basements, and woodland mansions.

To craft a cauldron, you will need these items:

cauldron recipe
  • 7x Iron ingots: Obtained by either smelting raw iron ores.

Cauldrons can convert villagers into leatherworkers.

9) Grindstone

This is a workstation block that players commonly use to remove enchantments from their tools and items. Other than that, it can also repair tools and items. Grindstone is the job site block of weaponsmith villagers.

Craft a grindstone using the following items:

grindstone recipe
  • 1x Stone slab: This can be crafted by placing three stone blocks in a horizontal line on the crafting table.
  • 2x Sticks: Obtained by placing two planks in a vertical line in the crafting grid.
  • 2x Planks: Obtained by placing logs in a crafting grid.

10) Stonecutter

A stonecutter is similar to a grindstone. This workstation block can convert villagers into mason villagers. With the help of the stonecutter, you can craft stone and copper-related blocks.

Naturally generated stonecutters can be found inside villagers’ houses.

They can be crafted in Minecraft Java Edition using the following items:

stonecutter recipe
  • 1x Iron ingot: Obtained by smelting raw iron.
  • 3x Stone: Obtained by smelting cobblestone.

To do the same in Bedrock Edition, you will need the same items, except the stones can be replaced with any type of stone block, such as granite.

11) Smithing table

The smithing table is an important workstation block in Minecraft that is necessary to upgrade diamond tools and armor items to the netherite tier. It is the job site block of toolsmiths in Minecraft, and this block generates naturally only inside the houses of toolsmiths.

Items required for crafting smithing table:

smithing recipe
  • 2x Iron ingots.
  • 4x Planks.

12) Composter

It is the job site block of farmer villagers in Minecraft. Most food or plant items can be recycled into bone meals using a composter. Naturally, you may find composters on farmlands in villages. 

Crafting a composter is relatively easy. Here’s what you will need and how to place the items on a crafting table:

composter recipe
  • 7x Wood slabs of any type: Three planks, when placed horizontally in the crafting grid of a crafting table, will give wooden slabs.

13) Lectern

Lectern is arguably one of the most helpful workstation blocks as it can turn a villager into a librarian. Librarians are considered to be the best traders as players can get rare enchantments from librarians. You may find a lectern in a village house like most workstation blocks.

To craft a lectern, gather the following items:

lectern recipe
  • 1x Bookshelf: Can be crafted using six planks and three books. Naturally generated bookshelves can be found in a few village houses. However, upon being mined, a bookshelf will drop three books instead of dropping itself unless you use an item with Silk Touch.
  • 4x Slabs of any type.

After reading this guide, you will have most likely seen all the recipes for different workstation blocks. With these workstation blocks, you can easily assign professions to villagers and trade various items with them. 

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