Llamas in Minecraft: Breeding, taming, decorating, and more

Many creatures from the real-life world inhabit the almost endless world of Minecraft. In the beautiful green plains, you will come across animals like sheep, horses, cows while goats and llamas occupy the steep areas of Minecraft. 

Llamas came to Minecraft in the 1.11 Exploration Update to diversify the Overworld. The Minecraft community got to decide whether llamas or alpacas should be added to Minecraft. After llamas won the vote, Jeb added them to the game. 

This article is an in-depth guide on llamas and everything you need to know about these long-neck mountain animals.

Minecraft Llamas

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

Like almost every other animal in Minecraft, llamas are also breedable. By breeding mobs, you can get their adorable baby variants. Most baby mobs grow into their adult versions after a specific interval of time. Only tamed llamas can be bred in Minecraft. 

To breed llamas in Minecraft, you will need hay bales. Feed two llamas hay bales to make them enter love mode. After entering love mode, llamas will breed and produce a cute and tiny baby llama. It may take 1-3 hay bales to make a llama go into love mode. By breeding llamas, you can create stronger llamas, which are capable of carrying more items.

Breeding llamas can be costly in early-game for players without access to wheat farms. To craft one hay bale, you will need 9 pieces of wheat. Villagers are the best place to find hay bales as they generate naturally in these useful structures. If you plan to go for a llama breeding fest, investing in a simple wheat farm can be a good decision.

How to decorate llamas in Minecraft

Not a fan of llamas? Try decorating them. You will definitely become one! Llamas are among the few mobs with customization options in vanilla Minecraft. You can put carpet on llamas to give them special colored patterns. To place a carpet on, ride a llama and open your inventory. Put the carpet in the armor slot. 

In Minecraft, there are 16 color options for carpets. Each carpet creates a different pattern on llamas. Carpets can also be placed on trader llama, but doing that will replace their stylish blue rug. However, do not worry, as the blue clothing is hidden underneath and will appear back when the carpet is removed. 

Where do llamas spawn in Minecraft

Much like the real-life llamas, Minecraft llamas also live in tall locations. You can find llamas in all variants of mountain biomes and savanna plateaus. In Bedrock Edition, llamas also spawn in regular savanna biomes. When the light level is above 7, the game spawns llamas above grass blocks in the biomes mentioned above.

If you want to get some adorable llamas, mountains and savannas are the places to go to. After getting a pair of llamas, you can just breed them to get more of them. 

While playing Minecraft, you will also discover trader llamas, which are like regular llamas but with skin. Trader llamas spawn with wandering traders. The game tries to spawn a wandering trader and a pair of trader llamas every 24 minutes. 

Llama’s spitting attack

Other than sounds and spawning areas, Minecraft llamas have another similarity – spiting. Llamas are neutral mobs, which start attacking only after getting hit. It attacks the enemy with spit and deals 1 damage per hit. While this isn’t anything dangerous, it can definitely be annoying. 

Trader llamas attack zombies and illagers as these mobs are hostile towards wandering traders. Trader llamas will also attack any player who hits their master or them.

Different llama variants in Minecraft

In Minecraft, many mobs have different variants with unique features. Some Minecrafters may not have noticed that llamas also come in different colors. Llamas can have four different coat colors: 

  • White
  • Gray 
  • Brown 
  • Cream

Like regular llamas, trader llamas also come in different coat colors. The baby llama obtained by breeding takes up the color of one of its parents. 

How to tame llamas in Minecraft

Llamas are among the few tameable animals in Minecraft. To tame llamas, you will have to ride them repeatedly until hearts start appearing over his head. If you are playing Java Edition, right-click on the llama to ride it. In Bedrock Edtion, use the designated control for the ‘Use’ button.

Even if llamas remove you from its back, just keep trying to ride it again. After some attempts, hearts will appear and signal that the llama is tamed. After they are tamed, you can place chests on them or have a comfortable ride on their back. However, the best thing to do would probably be decorating them with carpets. 

What are llamas useful for in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, everything has a purpose. A few features like bats and poisonous potatoes can be considered useless, but the rest have various uses. Like mules and donkeys, llamas can be used for carrying items after attaching a chest to them. 

Llamas also drop leather in Minecraft. If you fail to find any cow nearby, llamas are the next best mob for leather. With a Looting III weapon, one llama can drop up to 5 leather.

FAQs about llamas

1) What do llamas eat in Minecraft?

Llamas eat wheat and hay bales in Minecraft. Feeding one wheat heals 1 mob heart while one hay bale heals 5 mob hearts. Hay bale also boosts growth by 90 seconds, whereas wheat only boosts 10 seconds. 

2) What attracts llamas in Minecraft? 

In Minecraft 1.18, llamas are attracted towards players holding hay bales. It is helpful for players trying to cross a river and other such situations.

3) Can llamas carry chests in Minecraft?

Llamas can carry chests in Minecraft. You can put a chest on them and then use them to move items. The number of things a llama can carry depends upon its strength. 

4) Can you put saddles on llamas in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, no. You cannot place a saddle on a llama. After taming a llama, you can ride it but not control its direction. 

5) Why do llamas attack wolves in Minecraft?

While llamas are primarily neutral, they can become hostile in front of wolves. However, llamas show this behavior to wild wolves only. Do not worry, as your tamed wolves are safe from llama’s spit attacks. 

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