How to Make a Priest Villager in Minecraft

Villagers are some of Minecraft’s most intriguing passive mobs that have been in the game since its release. They can be found in and around their village houses, and you can interact with them in several ways. When killed, the villagers do not drop an item, but you can farm multiple items with their help.

Like many passive mobs, villagers can be bred as well. However, the breeding conditions are a bit more complex. While journeying the different biomes of Minecraft, you will encounter villagers with contrasting appearances. This is because the villagers’ outfit changes with the biome. There are a total of seven different outfits that a villager may be seen in.

In this article, we will learn how to convert a villager into a priest in Minecraft.

Guide to Priest Villager in Minecraft

Make a Minecraft Priest Village

In Minecraft terms, priest villagers are called clerics. These are trader villagers that offer rare items such as Ender Pearls and Bottle o’ Enchanting.

To convert a villager into any type of trader, we need to place a job site block next to it. Cleric’s job site block is a brewing stand, and by placing one next to a villager, it can be converted into a cleric. However, the villager you plan to transform into a cleric must be unemployed, not a nitwit. Nitwits are villagers with green robes that cannot be converted into traders.

How to get a brewing stand

brewing stand recipe
  • 1x Blaze rod: This rare item can only be obtained by killing blazes. A blaze has a 50% chance of dropping a blaze rod when killed with a weapon that does not have any Looting enchantments. You can find blazes inside Nether Fortresses, where there is a blaze spawner.
  • 3x Cobblestone: This is the most common stone block in Minecraft that you will come across many times. You can mine it using a pickaxe.

Naturally, brewing stands can sometimes be seen inside village churches, end ships, and basements of igloos. You can also craft it using these items by placing them as shown:

Lowering the trade costs of traders

zombie cleric

By default, the trades offered by the traders may not seem plausible. However, there is a way by which you can significantly reduce the trade costs and get items in exchange for one emerald.

To reduce trade prices, we first need to zombify a cleric. This can be done by letting a zombie hit the cleric a few times. The zombification will always be a success if your game’s difficulty is set to Hard. It works only 50% of the time on Normal difficulty and 25% on Easy.

Once the villager has been converted into a zombie, you can cure it by using a splash potion of weakness and giving it a golden apple. You may have to repeat this process a few times. The villager will offer cheaper trades after being cured.

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