How to make an End Gateway portal in Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest sandbox games where you can explore not only one but three different dimensions. All three realms are very diverse, and there are unique portals for accessing them.

When you start a new world, you will spawn in the Overworld. The other two dimensions are the Nether and the End. Through the End dimension, you can explore the outer islands of the End, where you can find End cities.

This article will teach how to get an End Gateway portal in Minecraft.

Getting an End Gateway portal in Minecraft

To make an End Gateway portal, we need to enter the End dimension and defeat the Ender Dragon. Once the mighty dragon is killed, the game will generate an end gateway on the main island. Entering an end gateway will take you to the outer end islands located around 1000 blocks away from the main end island.

You can repeatedly spawn and defeat the Ender Dragon to get up to 20 end gateways in Minecraft. You can find these gateways around the edge of the central island where you beat the Ender Dragon.

How to enter the End dimension in Minecraft

end portal

To enter the End dimension, you need to go through an End portal which you can find in a stronghold. Strongholds are rare structures in the Overworld that can be located with the help of the eye of enders. Right-click with an eye of ender equipped, and it will float in the direction of the closest stronghold. Follow the direction and keep using eyes of ender to make sure you haven’t passed the stronghold. It is an underground structure, so you may have to dig a lot.

Once you have found a stronghold, explore the structure to locate the End portal. The portal will have missing eye of enders, and to activate it, you will have to place eye of enders in the empty slots. Once activated, you can go through it and access the End dimension. You will be spawned not too far from the Ender Dragon.

Fighting the Ender Dragon


Defeating the Ender Dragon is not an easy task. The twelve end crystals on top of the obsidian pillars will heal the Ender Dragon. Therefore, we need to break those first. You can do so using bow and arrows. You can also climb the towers and destroy the end crystals with the weapon, but you may be sent flying by its explosion, so be ready to do some MLG tricks.

Damaging the Ender Dragon is probably the safest with bow and arrows. However, you will need a lot of arrows, so it’s recommended to have a bow with Infinity enchantment. Carrying good weapons and having a lot of good food items is also crucial. Once in a while, the dragon will come down, and then you can attack it with your sword.

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