Palworld: Best Mining Pals

Like any other open-world survival game, Palworld requires players to mine resources to create items that will aid them in their journey. However, since players can have their pals, whether caught or bred, do the heavy lifting, mining for resources becomes a breeze in the mid and endgame phases.

By assigning pals to mine at various structures at the base, the tedious task of collecting raw materials is automated. To maximize efficiency, players should deploy pals with higher levels of mining work suitability. In this article, we list the best mining pals in Palworld.

Best Pals for Mining in Palworld

The best mining pals are the ones that players already have or can capture easily at their current level. Therefore, we are dividing the list of mining pals based on three stages: early game, mid game, and end game.

Best pals for mining in the early-game phase

Here are the best early game pals when the player is below level 20. These pals are very easy to get and are a must-have for mining quickly:

1) Cattiva

For most players, Cattiva is going to be the first pal they capture as it spawns around the early game area. With only level 1 mining work suitability, Cattiva is not a quick miner. However, considering the ease of catching it and how common the pal is, players who have just set up a mining structure in their new base can deploy a couple to get started.

2) Dumud

When it comes to mining capabilities, Dumud is a level higher than Cattiva, but catching it requires slightly higher-level pals.

3) Rushoar

Rushoar has a level 1 mining work suitability. However, it is very easy to catch as low-level Rushoars are quite common. Additionally, once its saddle has been unlocked, players can ride it and use its Reckless Charge ability to charge at ores and mine a bunch of them.

Best mining pals in the mid-game phase


These are the best pals to have for mining resources in Palworld when the player is in the level 20-40 range:

1) Anubis

When the player is well over the level 20 mark, they are usually ready to breed their pals, so catching a strong or rare pal is not a headache they need to go through. Therefore, although considered end-game by many, Anubis is one of the best options for mining pals. With level 3 mining suitability, players can simply leave a couple in their base and they should be set for life when it comes to all kinds of ores.

2) Digtoise

This level 3 miner is a great option for players who are in the early levels of the said range and do not wish to start breeding yet. Level 20 Digtoises can be easily located on the island where Alpha Anubis spawns. Players can quickly reach this desert region by teleporting to the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point and moving east from there.

Best end-game mining pal in Palworld

Here is a list of the best pals for mining in Palworld when the player is above level 40:

1) Astegon


Astegon is the best mining pal in Palworld. Breeding this pal requires a few high-level pals that the player must have captured by now. Astegon has the highest level of mining work suitability, and having a couple in the base will ensure the player never runs out of any form of ore they wish to mine.


Aside from Astegon, there is another pal that has the same level 4 mining work suitability in Palworld: Blazamut. However, considering how hard it is to capture or breed this fiery beast, it is best if players stick to having more Astegons in their base, which will work at the same rate.

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