Palworld: Best pals to increase carry weight

With each major update, the Palworld universe expands, and the list of pals grows. However, among the vast number of pals, only a few possess the unique ability to increase the player’s weight capacity. The player’s weight capacity limits the amount of resources they can mine and carry back to their base. This statistic is crucial for every player to track, as exceeding the weight threshold results in decreased movement speed.

With the correct set of pals, players can not only advance in their quest to become the strongest pal tamer but also carry more ores and other resources from their mining expeditions. In this article, we delve into the list of pals that increase weight capacity and determine the best pal for this purpose in Palworld.

Palworld Guide: What are the best pals to increase weight capacity


Out of the 100+ pals that roam the various islands in the game, only nine have the ability to increase the player’s carrying weight or capacity.

Here are the pals that increase the player’s carrying capacity, sorted from best to worst. You can condense these pals to further improve their weight carrying skill:

Pal nameLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Wumpo Botan120130140150160
Broncherry Aqua100110120130140
Kingpaca Cryst100110120130140

The best pal for increasing carry weight is Wumpo or Wumpo Botan. A level 1 Wumpo in the player’s party adds 120 more carrying weight.

With each level, the carry weight increases by 10 points, reaching a maximum of 160 for Wumpos at level 5. Condensing a Wumpo just to add a bit more carrying capacity is not recommended, as leveling up other pals that are either good at combat or performing tasks at the base is always a better way to spend time breeding and condensing pals.

How to get pals that increase carry weight in Palworld

Here are the locations all pals that can increase weight carrying capacity. We have also shared their weaknesses to help you capture them easily:

1) Wumpo

Number 91 on the paldeck, Wumpos are giant, hairy pals that inhabit the whole island north of the Pristine Snow Field and Unthawable Lake. Using Fire element pals will give an advantage against this pal.

2) Wumpo Botan

Number 91B on the paldeck, Wumpo Botans are the grass element variant of Wumpos. They can be found in the Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2, which sits right above the volcano island on the Palworld map. As a grass element pal, Wumpo Botan is weak against Fire element pals.

3) Broncherry

Number 86 on the paldeck, Broncherry is a grass element pal that can be found in two areas: the land between and around the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster and the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon, and the grasslands below the Azurobe Hill teleport point and the enemy camp above the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon teleport point.

4) Broncherry Aqua

Number 86B on the paldeck, the Aqua variant of Broncherry does not spawn naturally. Only its Alpha version can be found on the map, situated to the east of the Ascetic Falls teleport point.

5) Kingpaca

Number 89 on the paldeck, Kingpaca is an alpaca with fluffy wool and a royal red robe. It shares the same spawn location as the Wumpo Botan, i.e., the Wildlife Sanctuary No. 2. Dark type pals are strong against this whimsical pal.

6) Kingpaca Cryst

The Ice variant of Kingpaca, number 89B on the paldeck, wears a blue robe instead of red. This playful blue pal spawns only as an Alpha pal inside the caves of the Forgotten Mineshaft and is weak against Fire element pals.

7) Lunaris

Number 63 on the paldeck, Lunaris looks humanoid and is a neutral element pal. Players may only come across this unique pal inside dungeons, and its Alpha variant can be found in the southwestern part of the map, inside the Sealed Realm of the Esoteric. Lunaris is weak against Dark element pals.

8) Kikit

Number 117 on the paldeck, Kikit is a ground type pal that spawns in the north and south extremities of Sakurajima Island. Being a ground type, Kikit is weak against grass element pals.

9) Cattiva

Number 2 on the paldeck, Cattiva is one of the earliest pals in Palworld that players will usually come across. With many spawn locations available, it is a fairly common pal that players can easily capture in some of the starting areas, such as the Plateau of New Beginnings.

These are all the pals in Palworld who can increase your character’s weight carrying capacity.

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