Palworld: How to Get to Sakurajima Island

In the summer of 2024, Pocket Pair released the Palworld Sakurajima Update, bringing a wave of new pals, items, and many quality-of-life changes. The main attraction of the Palworld Summer 2024 update is the brand new Sakurajima Island. If you want to find this Japanese-themed island, our Palworld guide is here to help you.

In this guide, we have shared the location of Sakurajima Island in Palworld and how you can get there quickly and easily.

Where is Sakurajima Island in Palworld?

Palworld - Sakurajima Island visible from Pristine Snow Field
Sakurajima Island visible from Pristine Snow Field

Sakurajima Island is located in the northwest part of the Palpagos Islands. It is a small island populated with a wide variety of new and old pals. There are lush cherry forests, vast beaches, and mushroom swamps for you to explore on Sakurajima Island.

How to Get to Sakurajima Island in Palworld

Sakurajima Island location on map

Sakurajima Island is surrounded by four islands: Pristine Snow Field in the northeast, Ice Wind Island and Forgotten Island in the southeast, and Wildlife Sanctuary No.2 in the south. You can travel to any one of these islands and go towards the northwest part of the Palpagos Islands to find Sakurajima Island.

Sakurajima Island has seven fast travel points for you to unlock:

  • Sakurajima: Southern Sandbar
  • Sakurajima: Mushroom Wetlands
  • Cherry Blossom Crossroads
  • Moonflower Tower Entrance
  • Moonflower Tower
  • Secluded Cemetery
  • Sakurajima: Northern Rock Field

What to Do on Sakurajima Island

Crude oil spots in Sakurajima Island

Sakurajima Island is a must-visit area for endgame players in Palworld. After reaching level 50, players will need Crude Oil to craft new armor, weapons, and other items. This resource is only available on Sakurajima Island. You will have to build a base in the dark spot areas on Sakurajima Island and place a Crude Oil Extractor to get this rare resource.

Sakurajima Island is under the control of a new faction called “The Moonflowers.” You can find their leader in Moonflower Tower and fight them to free the island from their rule. While you are here, you can also find two alpha pals in the open world: Knocklem and Menasting Terra. There are also many other new pals for you to find on Sakurajima Island.

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