How to Repair Mace in Minecraft 1.21

Want to know how to repair Mace in Minecraft? After six years, Minecraft has finally added a new melee weapon called Mace. This new weapon is different from other common weapons you can craft in Minecraft, such as swords and axes. Unlike them, Mace doesn’t have different tiers, like diamond, gold, iron, and so on.

There’s only one type of Mace in Minecraft, and it has become the rarest weapon. Previously, trident used to be the rarest weapon players desired for, but with Minecraft 1.21 update, players will be craving for the Mace. The only way to get Mace is by combining a heavy core block with a breeze rod. Like all other equipment, Mace comes with a set number of durability points, 250 to be exact.

With each use, the Mace will lose its durability and ultimately break off after durability points hits zero. For this reason, it is necessary to keep an eye on its durability and repair it as soon as the durability color becomes red. Here’s how you can repair Mace in Minecraft 1.21 update.

Repair Minecraft Mace weapon

You can repair a damaged Mace in Minecraft by adding a breeze rod to the damaged Mace on an anvil. If you don’t already have an anvil, you can craft it by using four iron ingots and three iron blocks.

Minecraft - Repairing mace by adding breeze rods

Open the anvil by clicking on it and then place both damaged Mace and a breeze rod to get a Mace with higher durability. If the Mace is severely damaged, you might need up to four breeze rods to completely repair the Mace.

Like all weapons, you can also combine two damaged Maces to get a Mace with higher durability. However, this is not really recommended, as it is better to spend breeze rods to repair Mace in Minecraft. You can easily get breeze rods by killing breeze mobs found in trial chambers.

Minecraft - Repairing mace by adding breeze rods

You can definitely farm these fast mobs to get tons of breeze rods easily. However, the heavy core block is extremely rare with only a 2.2% chance of dropping from a vault. So, it isn’t a smart idea to use another Mace to repair a damaged Mace.

Minecraft Mace Weapon FAQ

How do you get Mace in Minecraft?

You can craft the Mace in Minecraft by adding breeze rod to a heavy core block in a crafting table. You can get breeze rod by defeating breezes, whereas heavy core blocks are a rare reward from vaults found in trial chambers.

How to use Mace in Minecraft

A cool and fun way to use the Mace is by using wind charges to launch yourself into the air and then land the smash attack on the enemy. However, you do not good movement skills to land the hit or you will end up the taking the fall damage.

Is Mace a good weapon in Minecraft?

Mace is the strongest weapon in Minecraft. This weapon deals tremendously high damage if you jump from a high place and land the smash attack before landing. Mace’s smash attack can even kill the Warden and the Wither with just one-shot.

Can you enchant Mace in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, Mace isn’t enchantable in Minecraft. This weapon is already too strong without enchantments. Mojang most likely didn’t add enchantments for the weapon to balance its power.

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