Wayfinder Find Vrek The Chemist – The Noxious Betrayer Quest

Wayfinder is a newly launched online MMORPG available on PC and PlayStation. As a Wayfinder, your mission is to combat powerful forces that have seized control of the planet. With its multiplayer setup, you can join forces with friends, engaging in missions and raids collectively.

Amidst the exciting gameplay, locating Vrek the Chemist has puzzled many players. This guide is dedicated to helping you uncover the whereabouts of Vrek The Chemist as part of the Noxious Betrayer quest in Wayfinder.

Wayfinder: Vrek The Chemist Location (The Noxious Betrayer Quest)

The Noxious Betrayer is among the numerous side quests in Wayfinder, guiding you to new areas and facilitating your exploration of the expansive world. As you progress through The Noxious Betrayer quest, you’ll soon discover that a character named Vrek The Chemist embodies the Noxious Betrayer and will initiate the hunt to find him.

The quest will direct you toward the Pit, but upon arrival, you won’t be able to locate him anywhere. This is a common issue that many players, including myself, encountered. The mistake we all made was neglecting to read the quest description. It clearly states that you need to use the Flora Imbuement during your expedition to the Pit in order to summon Vrek The Chemist.

Failing to do so will prevent you from finding Vrek and completing The Noxious Betrayer quest. Additionally, refrain from exploring the Pit area in the Highlands to find him, as he can only spawn during the expedition. Select the Pit and initiate the expedition using the Flora Imbuement.

Once the expedition begins, be on the lookout for Old Kite. As you approach Old Kite, you will encounter Vrek The Chemist, ready to engage in combat. Defeat Vrek The Chemist to obtain the Antidote for Old Kite. The fight shouldn’t be too hard if you have made it so far. Finally, deliver the Antidote to Old Kite to successfully complete The Noxious Betrayer quest and earn Resonance XP, 20 x Memory Fragments, and Reward Tower XP.

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