Wayfinder: How to get Archaic Bones

Wondering how to obtain Archaic Bones in Wayfinder? Wayfinder is a novel MMO that offers a distinctive blend of player interaction and adventure. While not a fully-fledged MMO, Wayfinder enables you to connect with fellow players as you embark on an exciting journey. The core gameplay revolves around delving into expeditions or dungeons, enhancing both your wayfinder and weaponry.

As you begin playing Wayfinder, you’ll swiftly realize that this MMO primarily revolves around gathering items to unlock new Wayfinders and weaponry. To access new Wayfinders, you’ll need to collect various items, including Archaic Bones. Many players struggle to locate Archaic Bones in Wayfinder, and if you’re one of them, this guide is tailored to assist you.

Wayfinder Archaic Bones Location

Given that the game is still in its early stages, there are limited known methods to acquire Archaic Bones. However, we have identified an efficient and optimal way to farm Archaic Bones in Wayfinder. Firstly, you must unlock The Bloodworks mine, which you can access from Gloomsphere.

To begin your search for Archaic Bones, participate in expeditions to The Bloodworks mine. When selecting The Bloodworks from the Mines section, opt for at least Sphere 2 difficulty, as Archaic Bones cannot be found in the lower difficulty levels. You can challenge higher difficulty levels if you meet the recommended power level.

Before entering The Bloodworks, make sure that your matchmaking is turned off. Once you initiate the expedition, look for small drills. The Bloodworks at Sphere 2 difficulty usually contains one or two drills. If you can’t locate one, don’t hesitate to try again.

When you find a drill, interact with it by pressing the “F” button and provide it with an imbuement to trigger the “What Lies Beneath” event. Using a Chaos imbuement offers the best chance of obtaining an Archaic Bone in Wayfinder.

Activating the event will prompt the drill to begin digging. Your task is to locate this drill to complete the “What Lies Beneath” event. Expect to encounter monsters around the drill, so be prepared for battle.

After the battle, open the drill to claim your rewards and anticipate the possibility of acquiring an Archaic Bone. Repeat this process until you accumulate a sufficient number of Archaic Bones.

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