How to Turn Pig into Zombie Piglin in Minecraft

Minecraft is home to a diverse array of creatures known as mobs, which inhabit different environments and add life to the game’s world. One fascinating group of mobs is the piglins. Found primarily in the treacherous realm of the Nether, piglins are pig-like humanoid creatures with a penchant for gold.

Among the game’s many intriguing features is the ability to transform ordinary pigs into fearsome zombie piglins. Zombie piglins are a variant of the piglin mob in Minecraft that dwell in the Nether. These fearsome creatures are hostile by nature and will attack players on sight. Similar to regular piglins, zombie piglins can be found in various Nether biomes, including the Crimson Forest and Nether Wastes.

Transforming pigs into zombie piglins in Minecraft

This guide will walk you through the process of turning pigs into these formidable creatures, allowing you to explore new gameplay possibilities and unlock unique resources.

Method 1: Using Lightning Rods

Step 1: Gather Resources

For this method, you’ll need the following:

  1. Copper ingots to craft lightning rods.
  2. Pigs to transform into zombie piglins.

Step 2: Craft and Place

lightning rod recipe

Lightning Rods Using copper ingots, craft several lightning rods. Place them strategically around the area where you want the transformation to occur. Lightning rods attract lightning during thunderstorms, increasing the chances of a lightning strike.

Step 3: Trigger a Thunderstorm

thunder command

Wait for a thunderstorm to occur or use the command “/weather thunder” to force a thunderstorm.

Step 4: Lure Pigs

pigs tamed

Near Lightning Rods Bring pigs close to the lightning rods but ensure their safety by enclosing them in a fenced area.

Step 5: Wait for Lightning Strikes

lightning convert pigs

As the thunderstorm progresses, lightning bolts will naturally strike the lightning rods. The lightning can hit nearby pigs, initiating the transformation process.

Observe as the lightning strikes the pigs, transforming them into formidable zombie piglins. Give them a moment to complete the metamorphosis.

Method 2: Using Commands

Ensure that your Minecraft world has cheats enabled to use commands in your game.

Step 1: Summon a Pig

Use the command “/summon minecraft:pig” to summon a pig in the desired location.

Step 2: Transform the Pig into a Zombie Piglin

Execute the command “/summon minecraft:lightning_bolt”.

Transforming pigs into zombie piglins using lightning rods or commands provides a unique twist to Minecraft gameplay. Whether you choose to harness the power of natural lightning or use commands to facilitate the transformation, this guide has provided you with two distinct methods to experience the thrill of controlling these formidable creatures.

Embrace the challenges and rewards that await you in the game as you explore the possibilities that arise from having zombie piglins by your side. Enjoy the transformative journey and let your Minecraft world be filled with electrifying adventures.

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