How to grow Pumpkins in Minecraft


Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has come pretty far and accomplished many incredible feats. Even after a decade, the phenomenal indie game has not lost its original touch of sandbox, survival, and farming. The farming aspect of Minecraft attracted many gamers. Players can farm animals and grow crops in Minecraft. Compared to other crops, … Read more

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft without potions

Like in real life, players cannot stay underwater for too long in Minecraft. Without anything equipped, you can only breathe for fifteen seconds submerged. Minecraft has water-breathing potions that allow the player to breathe underwater for up to 8 minutes. However, by using a few different techniques, players can breathe underwater even without using them. These techniques … Read more

How to get Villagers to follow you in Minecraft

Minecraft is known for having a wide variety of creatures, called mobs. Almost every mob has a purpose and helps players in some way. Villagers are among the most iconic mobs in Minecraft.  Besides their hilarious yet annoying ‘hmm’ noises, villagers are famous for their brilliant trades, iron golem spawning ability, and other behavioral features. With … Read more

Llamas in Minecraft: Breeding, taming, decorating, and more

Minecraft llamas

Many creatures from the real-life world inhabit the almost endless world of Minecraft. In the beautiful green plains, you will come across animals like sheep, horses, cows while goats and llamas occupy the steep areas of Minecraft.  Llamas came to Minecraft in the 1.11 Exploration Update to diversify the Overworld. The Minecraft community got to … Read more