How to Unlock All Endings in Needy Streamer Overload

Needy Streamer Overload is one of those games where you can pursue multiple endings. Multi-ending games are my kryptonite, as I end up chasing every possible ending available to claim all achievements before considering a game finished. For those who love hunting achievements, Needy Streamer Overload is a must-play with its 27 story endings, each offering a unique achievement.

Even if you’re not typically drawn to multiple endings, discovering different conclusions in a game is a satisfying experience for many gamers. Needy Streamer doesn’t exactly have happy endings as you follow the story of a streamer in need of constant attention. Ultimately, Needy Streamer Overload is a psychological horror, so expect nothing else from its endings. Continue reading to find out how to get all endings in Needy Streamer Overload.

Needy Streamer Overload: All Endings Guide

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In Needy Streamer Overload, endings can vary depending on certain conditions. Some endings require you to reach a specific amount of followers, change Ame’s affection towards you, or so on. Let’s get into each ending and conditions required to reach them in Needy Streamer Overload:

EndingHow to Unlock
Comment te dire adieuReach all other endings to unlock a new save file, featuring the true ending
Cucked Reach 0 affection
Blazing HellMental Darkness Meter should be above 60
Reply “Okay” when Ame asks you to buy charcoal
Painful FutureComplete all five breakdown streams:
Feeling Great
How I Feel
An Important Message
Up and Down
I Am Legend
Do You Love Me?Reach one million followers along with affection and mental darkness meter at 80 while stress capacity is at 100
Rainbow GirlUse Magic Paper on five different days
Needy Girl OverdoseRequires less than 500,000 followers while affection and mental darkness meter both are above 60
Internet OverdoseMaintain stress level of at least 80 on 24th day
FlatlineIgnore Ame’s direct messages five times
SMTFirst, achieve 16 or more endings. After that, increase mental darkness meter to 100. Now, a dice will be rolled after every night. To get this ending, you need to role 66 or 6.
Labor is EvilRequires:
less than 500,000 followers
affection meter above 60
mental darkness below 60
Fallen AngelDo five Sexy streams
Galactic ExpressDo five Netlore streams
So Close Yet So FarStay under 11,000 followers by day 11
Welcome To My ReligionDo five Conspiracy Theory streams
Nerdy Girl OverloadRequires 500,000 followers or more with affection meter under 80 by day 30
Happy End WorldRequires one million followers with affection over 80 and mental darkness under 80. Switch off computer’s internet connection.
Normie LifeMental darkness meter should be zero
There Are No AngelsRequires less than 500,000 followers, affection meter under 60, and mental darkness meter above 60
NymphomaniaSleep with Ame seven times
(Un)happy End WorldRequires over one million followers, affection meter above 80, and darkness meter under 80 while stress meter is under 100.
CatastropheRequires less than 500,000 followers, affection meter under 60, and mental darkness meter under 60
Ground Control to Psychoelectric AngelReach maximum affection
Internet Runaway Angel: Be InvokedReach maximum followers
DARK ANGELReach one million followers and break the stress cap
Bomber GirlHave more than 80 stress for two days to trigger a stress event. Then, hit 100 stress to unlock 120 stress cap. Then, hit 120 stress to unlock this ending.
Utopian ParodyHave between 500,000 to 1,000,000 followers and reach affection over 80

As you explore these endings, you will delve deeper into Ame’s dysfunctional behavior and the consequences of her streaming journey. While a few happy endings exist, the majority paint a stark picture of the toll streaming takes on Ame.

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