How to Make an Item Sorter in Minecraft: A Step-By-Step Guide

Minecraft is one of the most played sandbox games in the market that has consistently received updates since its launch. With every Minecraft update, new blocks, items, and other features are added. With so much stuff in the game, storing and managing a lot of items and blocks may become a hassle.

However, using an item sorter, you can easily store anything in a categorized manner. If you are unaware, item sorters are redstone contraptions that can sort and store your items in chests. Basic item sorters are pretty easy to create and do not require a lot of items. This article will teach you how to create one of these simple item sorters in your Minecraft world.

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Creating an Item Sorter in Minecraft

Here’s a list of items you will need to create a basic item sorter:

  • 25 Solid building blocks
  • 20 Chests
  • 20 Hoppers
  • 15 Redstone dust
  • 5 Redstone Repeaters
  • 5 Redstone comparators
  • 5 Redstone torches

Follow these steps to build the item sorter:

Step 1: Place 5 double chests in a row and then place five more on top of them as shown in the above image.

item step 1

Step 2: Place one hopper for each chest. You can do this by sneaking and then placing the hopper while aiming at a chest.

item step 2

Step 3: Place 5 redstone repeaters two blocks away from the hoppers. All the repeaters should be facing the hoppers.

item step 3

Step 4: Place a block on both sides of each repeater. Then, place redstone torches on the side of the blocks facing the hoppers as shown.

item step 5

Step 5: Build a 3×5 platform next to the hoppers above the repeaters.

item step 6

Step 6: Place the redstone comparators and dust on the platform you just built. The comparators need to be facing away from the hoppers.

item step 7

Step 7: Place hoppers facing the comparators.

item sort 99

Step 8: Place two temporary blocks as shown and place hoppers facing the top block.

item step 9

Step 9: Rename any twenty blocks for the filter.

item step 10

Step 10: Place the filter blocks in all the hoppers facing the comparators as shown.

item step 12

Step 11: In the same hoppers, place the item that needs to be sorted in the first slot.

item step 999

Step 12: Finally, place the chest on the top as shown in the above image, and the item sorter is ready to use.

This item sorter can sort and store five different items in its chests. To use it, place your items in the single chest at the top, and the items will be sorted.

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