How to Change Weather in Minecraft

Minecraft is a decade-old sandbox game in which players can create almost anything they desire using numerous blocks and items.
Like real life, the weather changes in every Minecraft world created with default settings.

Changing the weather in Minecraft

The weather affects the light levels of the world, and if it is too dark, it can also be responsible for the hostile mobs that have been spawning next to your base. This is unlikely to happen in version 1.18 of Minecraft since the developers have changed the light levels required for mobs to spawn naturally.
If you do not like the current weather in your Minecraft world, you can easily change it.

To change the weather in a Minecraft world that has been created, you can use the /weather command. However, this will only work if cheats are enabled. You can enable cheats when creating a world or by pausing the game, selecting “Open to LAN”, enabling cheats, and starting the LAN world.

Using the /weather command, you can set the weather to clear, rain, or thunderstorm. To do so, simply type the command in the chat window as shown in the above image. You can also add duration next to the weather in the command to decide how long the weather will last. For example, “/weather clear 20” will keep the weather clear for the next twenty seconds.

If you wish, you can also make it so that the weather never changes in your Minecraft world. This can be done using the “/gamerule doWeatherCycle false” command. You can also change this gamerule while creating a new world.

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