How to grow Pumpkins in Minecraft

Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft has come pretty far and accomplished many incredible feats. Even after a decade, the phenomenal indie game has not lost its original touch of sandbox, survival, and farming.

The farming aspect of Minecraft attracted many gamers. Players can farm animals and grow crops in Minecraft. Compared to other crops, melons and pumpkins are unique in the game as they exist as blocks.

This article answers all your questions about pumpkins in Minecraft. Keep on reading to learn about finding pumpkin seeds, growing them, and pumpkin’s uses.

Pumpkins in Minecraft

Farming pumpkins

While roaming through grassy biomes like plains, you might have come across pumpkin patches. This fruit-type block is one of the oldest blocks in Minecraft and has been in the game even before the official release. In such a long time, pumpkins have received many features and changes.

How to get pumpkin seeds in Minecraft

Like with any other crop, you will first have to obtain seeds to grow pumpkins. Do not worry if you lack pumpkin seeds. They are pretty easy to find. Here are the different ways to get pumpkin seeds in Minecraft:

1) Get seeds from pumpkins

You can obtain pumpkin seeds from the fruit block itself. Pumpkins generate naturally in grassy biomes. You can also find them in structures like woodland mansions, pillager outposts, taiga, and snowy villages,

After obtaining a pumpkin block, open the crafting menu and place it in a crafting slot to get four pumpkin seeds. Another way to obtain seeds from pumpkins is by using a shear on them.

2) Looting chests


In Minecraft, many items can be found by looting chests scattered all over the world. You can find pumpkin seeds inside chests located in the following structures:

  • Village
  • Mineshaft
  • Dungeon
  • Woodland mansion

If you are having trouble finding pumpkin patches, raiding these structures can be your next choice.

3) Trade with wandering traders


If you come across a wandering trader, be sure to check out its trades. Wandering traders can sell pumpkin seeds for one emerald each. After obtaining one pumpkin seed, you can grow it into a pumpkin and get more seeds.

How to grow Pumpkins in Minecraft


To grow pumpkins in Minecraft, you need a hoe, some dirt or grass blocks, water, and obviously pumpkin seeds. Hoe is necessary for tilling dirt/grass blocks, while water is required for moisturizing the tilled blocks.

Follow these steps to grow pumpkins:

  1. Place water near dirt or grass blocks.
  2. Use a hoe to till blocks and turn them into farmland
  3. Plant pumpkin seeds in farmland.

Now, you will have to wait for pumpkin seeds to grow into stems. After the seed has turned into a stem, pumpkins will start growing. You can get an unlimited number of pumpkins from one stem. Make sure there is one block open space around all stems for pumpkins to grow.

You can break them after pumpkins have grown using your hands or any item. Axe is the fastest tool for breaking pumpkins in Minecraft.

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Unlike wheat or carrot, pumpkin seeds do not need replanting after harvesting. You can create automatic pumpkin farms using pistons and observers. Here is a Minecraft video tutorial to help you build an automatic pumpkin farm.

After getting a steady source of pumpkins, you can trade them to farmers and earn some shiny emeralds. Pumpkins can be turned into carved pumpkins, which have several other uses like spawning golems, making jack O’ lanterns, and more.

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