Genshin Impact 4.8 leaks: Emilie talents, free Kirara, Nilou skin, and more

As the Genshin Impact 4.7 patch is about to release, there are Genshin Impact 4.8 leaks giving insights into the upcoming character Kirara, an upcoming Dendro character. New leaks also provide information on upcoming character skins and a free 4-star character coming in Genshin Impact 4.8.

Here are all the leaked information for the Genshin Impact 4.8 update.

Patch 4.8 Genshin Impact Leaks

Free 4-star character Kirara

Genshin Impact Kirara

Kirara is a Dendro 4-star character hailing from Inazuma, the land of the Electro Archon. According to reliable leaker Seele, this adorable nekomata will be given out for free as a reward for the main event of the Genshin Impact 4.8 patch.

Nilou and Kirara Skin

According to leaker Uteyvat, the Genshin Impact 4.8 patch will bring two new character skins for the 5-star character Nilou and the 4-star character Kirara. As usual, Nilou’s skin is expected to go on sale, while Kirara’s skin will be given out for free in an event.

Genshin Impact 4.8 leaked Emilie kit

Emilie is a brand new 5-star confirmed for Genshin Impact 4.8 update. New Genshin Impact leaks have revealed her kit, including talents and constellations.

Emilie skill

Fetch Fragrance (E)

Creates a Casket of Soft Light, dealing Dendro AOE DMG.
Casket of Soft Light:

  • Intermittently fires “Pure Dew Breath” at nearby enemies, dealing Dendro DMG;
  • When nearby enemies are in the Burning state, it will intermittently generate “Aroma”. The Casket of Soft Light collects nearby Aroma, and when it collects two Aroma, its level is raised, and when it fires a Pure Dew Breath, it fires an additional Pure Dew Breath and increases the damage dealt by the above attacks.
  • There can be up to one Soft Lamp Casket of Emilie’s own creation at a time. The Casket’s initial rank is 1st level at the time of creation, and it can be raised to 2nd level at most.
    Base Power: Mana
    Every once in a while, when Emilie creates a Casket of Soft Light in this way, she will send down spikes of Spirit Breath in front of her to penetrate her enemies, dealing Dendro DMG with awn nature.

Emilie Burst

Fragrance Deduction (Q)

Guide the fragrance collected in the Casket, transform it into pure Dendro power, create the Casket of Soft Light Level 3, and destroy the existing Casket of Soft Light.

During the existence of the Casket of Soft Light Level 3, it will not collect the fragrance nearby, but will continue to drop Pure Dew Breath to attack enemies within the range, causing Dendro damage. During the duration, a Pure Dew Breath will be dropped every 0.3 seconds, and each enemy can only be selected as a target once every 0.7 seconds. When the duration of the Casket of Soft Light Ends, Level 1 will be recreated;
If the Casket of Soft Light that has extracted fragrance is destroyed when the Fragrance Deduction is cast, the created Casket of Soft Light will inherit the previous fragrance and grade.
During the duration of the Fragrance Deduction, the elemental combat skill will not generate a Casket of Soft Light.

Emilie Passive Skills

Passive 1 – Yu Xun

Whenever two Fragrances are collected in the Casket of Soft Light • Level 2 will consume the Fragrance and extract “Clear Dew Fragrance”, causing Dendro AOE Damage equal to 500% of Emilie’s ATK to the enemy. This damage is not considered as Elementa Skill Damage.

Passive 2 – Distillation

When Emilie’s own Casket of Soft Light is on the field, all nearby characters in the team will have 85% more Pyro Resistance to Burning DMG.

Passive 3 – Inherent Talent

Emilie’s damage to enemies in the Burning state increases by 36%, and the damage to enemies in the Quicken state decreases by 90%.

Emilie Constellation Leaks

Constellation Level 1

The damage caused by the Clear Dew Fragrance of the Extraction and the Inherent Talent “Residual Fragrance” is increased by 10%. The latter requires the Inherent Talent “Residual Fragrance” to be unlocked. In addition, when a nearby character in the team triggers a Burning reaction on an enemy or causes Grass Elemental damage to an enemy in the Burning state, an additional Fragrance will be generated. This effect can be triggered at most once every 2.9 seconds.

Constellation Level 2

When Emilie’s own Casket of Soft Light gathers the fragrance, Emilie will gain a layer of “Specialized” effect, which increases Emilie’s ATK by 18% for 10 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 2 times, and the duration of each layer is calculated independently.

Constellation Level 3

Increase the skill level of Extraction and Perfume by 3 levels. Up to level 15.

Constellation Level 4

The duration of Fragrance Interpretation is extended by 2 seconds, and the interval between each enemy being selected as a target by Fragrance Dew is reduced by 0.3 seconds.

Constellation Level 5

Increase the skill level of Fragrance Interpretation by 3 levels. Up to level 15.

Constellation Level 6

When casting Extraction and Perfume Interpretation or Fragrance Interpretation, Emilie will gain “Fragrance Remains”. Lasts for 5 seconds. During the duration, after Emilie performs a normal attack or heavy attack, a scent will be generated, and Emilie’s normal attack and heavy attack will be converted into a Dendro Infusion that cannot be overridden, and the damage caused will be increased by 250% of Emilie’s ATK. The effect of “Stay in the Scent” will be removed when 4 scents are generated or the duration ends. The “Stay in the Spring” effect can be obtained up to once every 12 seconds.

Emilie weapon

Emilie is a Polearm burn dps and her signature complements her burning playstyle. Emilie’s polearm, Soft Lamp Elegy, has a base Critical Rate of 7.2% and a base 48 ATK. At max level, this polearm will have 608 ATK and 33.1% Crit Rate. It has the following passive effecT:

Prelude of White Dawn (Refinement Rank 1)
• Increases Attack by 15%; after the wielder triggers a Burning reaction or deals Dendro damage to an enemy affected by Burning, the damage dealt is increased by 18%. This effect lasts for 8 seconds and can stack up to 2 times; when the stack count reaches 2 or the duration is refreshed, restores 12 Elemental Energy, which can only be restored once every 12 seconds in this manner. Both effects can be triggered even when the character is off field.

Genshin Impact 4.8 new permanent event leak

Fans have been asking for new endgame content for what feels like forever, and HoYoverse is planning to deliver a new permanent event according to the latest Genshin Impact 4.8 leaks. According to leaker Seele, this new event will reward players with some special visual effects for certain characters like Diluc, Ningguang, and more.

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