Palworld Sakurajima update: Release date, all new pals, new island, new raid boss, and more

Released in January 2024 by Pocketpair, Palworld quickly captured the hearts of every Pokémon fan. This adventure survival game allows players to capture pals, build their base, and venture into the wild with their best catches. Much of its gameplay closely mirrors the beloved Pokémon video games and anime series, drawing in fans of the Japanese media franchise.

Despite having thousands of active players, Palworld’s development team is relatively small. However, the dedicated developers at Pocketpair are working hard and have just revealed information regarding the upcoming major Palworld update titled the Sakurajima Update. This update brings a bunch of new stuff, like new pals, a new island, and a fresh raid boss.

Palworld Sakurajima update: Everything revealed so far

As the name suggests, the update is themed around Japan, featuring Japan-inspired buildings and structures like Torii gates on the new island. Palworld Sakurajima update is set to release on June 27, 2024 for all platforms.

The highlight features of the new biomes include dense, lush cherry forests, muddy swamps with mushrooms of varying sizes, and a Japanese graveyard area. Each of these areas also come with their themed pals.

All pals coming in Palworld Sakurajima update

Palworld new pals

Teasers for the update reveal a bunch of new pals, some which are: a nocturnal bushi, a nocturnal wixen, a levitating ghost, an armored warrior, a small chest pal that playfully sticks out its tongue, a fiery variant of the Chillet, a grass element sub-specie of the quivern, and more.

Here are all the pals coming in Palworld Sakurajima update:

  • Katress Ignis
  • Wixen Noct
  • Chillet Ignis
  • Quivern Botan
  • A frog-like pal
  • An ostrich-like pal
  • A mushroom-like pal
  • A levitating fighter pal

New structures, arena, and more

A new naturally spawning structure, the oil rig, was showcased, potentially hinting at the addition of oil as a new item for industrial purposes. Pocket Pair also revealed new sulphur and coal mining sites to help players farm these resources easily. Palworld is also adding two new weapons – Energy Rifle and Flamethrower.

Upon the release of this update, players can challenge themselves against a new raid boss and a new faction boss, enhancing the combat experience. The new raid boss seems to be a sub-specie of Blazamut. Additionally, an arena is planned to be introduced for more action where players will be able to have their pals fight against each oither.

Since Palworld has been around for some time, many active players have already maxed out their character levels. Fortunately, the update introduces new levels for players to grind and unlock new Japanese-themed buildings in the process. Furthermore, Xbox players will gain access to dedicated servers.

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