How to Pet Bubba in HoloCure

Wondering how to pet Amelia Watson’s dog Bubba in HoloCure? Then, you are in the right place. In HoloCure, you get to play as famous Vtubers from Hololive and save their dear fans from being mind-controlled by an evil organization. The adorable pixelated art style mixed with tons of references that only fans can understand make it one of the best games for Hololive fans.

Amelia Watson is one of the most popular Vtubers and is available for free right from the start. As you level her up, you will soon unlock her skill, Bubba, which summons her pet dog to aid you in battles. There’s a hidden feature that lets you pet Bubba in HoloCure, and here’s how you can do it.

HoloCure: How to Pet Bubba

Holocure Bubba skill

First of all, you will have to unlock Amelia Watson’s pet Bubba skill in HoloCure. She is one of the starter characters, so you can start leveling her up right away. While leveling up, you need to look for the Bubba skill. Amelia also has two other skills – FPS Mastery and Detective Eye, if you want to collect all skills.

Once you have unlocked the Bubba skill, Amelia Watson will automatically spawn Bubba, who also deals a decent amount of damage. To pet Bubba, all you need to do is move Amelia next to Bubba and press the P button. Doing so will make the camera zoom in and trigger the adorable petting animation. This is easier said than done as Bubba likes to run around all the time. I was able to pet Bubba by spamming P button constantly while running after it.

Make sure you are standing still, or the animation won’t trigger. However, this animation only happens if you are using Amelia’s default outfit or her second outfit. It doesn’t work with her newer outfits, like Yukata and Formal.

Holocure bubba achievement

By petting Bubba, you will unlock the “You Can Pet The Dog” achievement in HoloCure. During the animation, both Bubba and Amelia will stop attacking, but she can still take damage. Try to get this achievement while you are away from enemies.

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