How to make Potion of Strength in Minecraft

Want to know how to make Potion of Strength in Minecraft? In Minecraft, brewing potions adds a strategic twist to gameplay. By combining magical ingredients, players create potions that grant them supernatural effects, enhancing their abilities and protecting them from dangers.

Among all magical potions, the Strength Potion stands out as a powerful advantage in combat. This potion temporarily boosts the player’s physical strength. When facing dangerous creatures, the Strength Potion becomes incredibly useful, allowing players to easily defeat enemies that used to be challenging.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive guide detailing the essential steps and required items to successfully brew a Potion of Strength in Minecraft.

Minecraft Potion of Strength Brewing Guide

To brew a Potion of Strength, you will need the following items:

  • Blaze Powder
  • Nether Wart
  • Water Bottle
  • Brewing Stand

How to get Blaze Powder in Minecraft

Blazes in the Nether

First get Blaze Powder by going to the Nether and defeating Blaze enemies in Nether Fortresses. They drop Blaze Rods when you beat them. Craft these rods into Blaze Powder on a crafting table – each rod makes two Blaze Powder. We will use Blaze Powder to power the Brewing Stand for brewing the Strength potion.

How to get Nether Wart in Minecraft

Minecraft Nether Wart

Nether Wart is a special plant you can only find in Minecraft’s fiery Nether dimension. It grows in Nether Fortresses deep within this realm. It’s a good idea to collect extra Nether Wart because you can also make it grow in the Overworld. Just plant it on soul sand, and you will have your own Nether Wart farm ready.

How to get Water Bottle in Minecraft

Minecraft Glass bottle recipe

To get water bottles in Minecraft, start by making glass bottles. To craft them, arrange three blocks of glass in a V shape on a crafting table. This gives you three glass bottles. After that, use these bottles on a water source block to fill them up. It’s a good idea to have a water source block near your brewing area, so you can easily refill your bottles whenever you need to.

How to get Brewing stand in Minecraft

If you don’t have a Brewing Stand in Minecraft, you can make one by crafting it with a Blaze Rod and three Cobblestones. But if crafting isn’t something you want to do, there are other ways to find Brewing Stands. Sometimes you can discover them in village churches or igloo basements. These are helpful options to have when you’re making potions and don’t have your own Brewing Stand yet.

Steps to Make Potion of Strength in Minecraft

Minecraft Potion of Strength

With all the ingredients you have collected, it’s time to start making Strength potion. Let’s explore the steps for creating a Potion of Strength:

  1. First, make sure your Brewing Stand is set up where you’re working.
  2. Put Blaze Powder into the Brewing Stand’s fuel slot to make it work.
  3. Add Nether Wart into the slot for ingredients.
  4. Put Water Bottles into the special bottle slots. Wait a bit and watch as the Brewing Stand works its magic, turning the ingredients into Awkward Potions.
  5. Now, add Blaze Powder once again into the ingredient slot. This starts the process of making the Potion of Strength.

Following these steps, you will be on your way to crafting your very own Potion of Strength in Minecraft. Want to learn how to brew other potions? Check out our Minecraft potion guides to learn about various potions and how to brew them.

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