Top 11 Minecraft mods for pets and animals

Exploring the world of vanilla Minecraft is a fantastic experience. However, since the game has been out for many years, most players have already explored Minecraft’s features.

With the help of mods, new things can be added to the game very easily. You will find hundreds of mods on the internet that are compatible with various versions of the game. 

In this article, we will look at the best Minecraft mods for pets and animals.

Pet and animal mods in Minecraft

1) Better Animals Plus

Better animals plus mod
Deer in Minecraft

As you can tell by the name, this mod was created to bring new creatures to Minecraft that are more fun to interact with. Over 30 new animals can be seen that are spawned naturally in this mod.

Terrifying hostile mobs such as the colossal squid, piranha, and tarantula are some of the hostile mobs in this mod. Not only mobs but a few food items, raw materials, and a handful of new blocks are also present in the Better Animals Plus mod.

You can get this mod from here.

2) JurassiCraft

Jurassicraft mod
Triceratops in Minecraft

Through the updates, Minecraft receives its fair share of hostile mobs almost every year. However, if you are someone who does not find the game’s mobs challenging enough already, you should try the JurassiCraft mod.

Along with prehistoric animals, this mod introduces new forms of machinery that you can use to process dinosaurs’ DNA and do much more.

JurassiCraft can be downloaded from here.

3) Ice and Fire: Dragons

ice and fire mod
A fire dragon

This is a special mod that adds a mythical creature to the game. Dragons are one of the most intriguing legendary creatures of all time, and this mod will add a few of them to Minecraft.

There are two types of dragons in the mod: ice and fire. You will find the fire dragon in most of the biomes, while the ice dragons spawn only in cold regions. Upon death, they also drop new items.

Add dragons to your game by downloading this mod from here!

4) Pixelmon

pixelmon mod
Mewtwo in the game

If you’re a Pokémon fan, you have to try this mod. It adds a new game mechanic that lets you catch pokémons and use them to battle other pokémons. Trading and breeding pokémon are some additional features of this mod.

There are new items in this mod, such as medicine for pokémons and pokéball that can be found in pokéloot chests and can be purchased from poké marts. This mod will altogether disable naturally generating mobs. Therefore, it is recommended that users create a new world to try out the Pixelmon mod.

Pixelmon is available here.

5) More dogs 

more dogs mod
New dog breeds

As of version 1.20, Minecraft does not have pet dogs. When the player tames wolves, they behave just like a tame dog. However, there’s only one type of it in the game.

This mod adds some of the most popular dog breeds to the game, such as German Shepherd, Pug, and Husky.

More dogs can be downloaded from here.

6) Mystical World

mystical world mod
A baby deer

Mystical World is an amazing mod that adds many different features, including new mobs, items, and much more. A few of the mobs in this mod are owls, silkworms, deer, beetles, and enderminis.

You can find these mobs in different parts of the world. The mod also has an item called “Encylopædia Mysticum”, from which you can learn about all the mobs the mod offers.

Get this mod from here.

7) Untamed Wilds

untamed wilds
A turtoise

This is a simple mod that emphasizes improving the exploration aspect of the game by adding new creatures. All the mobs that the untamed wilds mod adds are beautifully designed.

The majority of the mobs in this mod are hostile and will hunt you if you are in its vicinity. Most mobs also have different species, and they drop items upon death as well.

Untamed Wilds can be downloaded from here.

8) Animania farm

animania farm
Different chicken variants

This simple mod adds a few new breeds of existing animals. Cows, goats, pigs, and horses are some of the animals that look entirely different from their vanilla variant. This mod also introduces interesting food items and breeding features to improve the farming experience of Minecraft.

Animania farm is available for download here.

9) Lycanites Mobs

Lycanites mobs mod
New weird mobs

If you want to add over 100 creatures to Minecraft that will send chills down your spine, Lycanite Mobs is just the perfect mod for you. This mod is famous for adding terrifying biome-specific animals. However, there are quite a few passive animals in this mod that can be tamed.

You can get this amazing mod from here.

10) Upgrade Aquatic

Upgrade aquatic mod

Minecraft’s oceans and other water bodies have been the same for a very long time. New mobs have been introduced recently, but they barely change how players explore the oceans.

The Upgrade Aquatic introduces a bunch of new ocean features, including a new hostile mob called the thrasher. It is a hostile shark-like mob that uses sonar and will attack anything it can.

When killed, the thrasher drops their teeth which can be used to craft the trident and a few other things. Other than the thrasher, new types of fishes, nautilus, and a phantom can also be seen.

Get this mod from here.

11) The End Expansive Mod 4

End expansion mod
New end mobs

The End is one of the most dangerous dimensions in Minecraft. It is home to one of the two boss mobs in the game: The Ender Dragon. Sadly, the End is a monotonous place made up of only one type of block for the most part.

The End Expansive mod will add a ton of new mobs to the End dimension, such as ender warriors, ender serpents, warped ones, and void crawlers. Besides mobs, this mod also has new biomes, structures, and armor items that make the End dimension livelier and more fun to roam around.

You can download The End Expansive Mod 4 from this link.

These were our top picks for the best Minecraft mods for pets and animals. If you think we missed out on some underrated mods, let us know in the comments!

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