15 Best Minecraft Mods To Play In 2023

Since Minecraft has been out for over a decade, the community has created a ton of different mods that are available for many different versions of the game. No matter which version you are on, there are a lot of mods for it.

Mods are external programs that can be helpful in your survival journey or make it more challenging. In this article, we will look at some of the best Minecraft mods. All of the mods listed here are for Java Edition.

Best mods for Minecraft

1) Optifine

Minecraft shaders
Complementary shaders

Optifine is a visual mod that adds more features and options to the video settings of Minecraft. Players can tinker around with these newly added settings to make the game run smoothly and improve its visual quality. With optifine installed, you can also use shaders to make the game look like a AAA title.

Get this mod from here.

2) Biomes O’Plenty 

biomes o'plenty
Unique biomes in Biomes O’Plenty mod

One of the most popular Minecraft mods for world generation features is Biomes O’Plenty. This mod adds over 50 new biomes along with quite a few items and trees to the game, making adventuring into the Minecraft world fun for you once again.

This amazing mod can be download from here.

3) Clumps

XP orbs
This mod prevents XP orbs from cluttering

Clumps is a simple mod that every player with a mid/low-end pc should install. This mod helps reduce lag in Minecraft caused by many XP orbs in a small area. The mod makes it so that all XP orbs are grouped, and players can collect all of them at once. This mod is available for the latest version of the game.

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4) Enchantment Descriptions

enchantment description
A description of the Respiration III enchantment

One of the most intriguing features of Minecraft is enchantments and how they can improve your gameplay. However, as there are so many enchantments, beginners often need clarification on which enchantment does what. This simple mod will help new players better understand Minecraft enchantments by adding a description to every enchantment.

Download Enchantment Descriptions from here.

5) Sodium

Sodium is a lifesaver for gamers that are on a low-end system. This fantastic mod will substantially increase the number of frames you get in Minecraft. It is also highly compatible with most fabric mods and available for the latest version of Minecraft.

Sodium can be downloaded from here.

6) Better Animations Collections

squiggly creeper
A squiggly creeper

As you can already guess from this mod’s name, it improves the game’s animations. The in-game models look much smoother, with much better animations that give you a more realistic feel.

Add animations to your game by getting this mod from here.

7) Waystones

A mossy waystone block

One of the most boring things to do in Minecraft is to travel between two places repeatedly. Flying with an elytra makes it fun, but after some time, many players also get bored.

With Waystone blocks that this mod adds, you can teleport between two points instantly. To do so, either there needs to be a waystone at both places, or you can use a warp scroll or rechargeable warp stone.

Get this mod from here.

8) The Twilight Forest

twilight forest
The Twilight Forest

This mod is a must-try if you enjoy adventuring in Minecraft. It adds a new dimension that can be accessed using a new type of portal. Going through the portal, you will find new boss mobs, full-fledged dungeons, and much more.

The Twilight Forest mod can be downloaded from here.

9) Immersive portals

Immersive portal
A see-through nether portal

Portals in Minecraft lets you explore two different other dimensions of the game. They have been in the game for many years, and minimal changes have been made to them.

The immersive portals mod makes the portals see-through. It also removes the loading screen that you have to see upon entering a portal.

Improve how portals look in your game by downloading this mod from here.

10) Dark Utilities

dark utilities
Charm and filter blocks in Dark utilities mod

This is an expansive mod that is meant to diversify the game further. It does so by adding many new blocks and a few items. Some of the new blocks in this mod are dark glass, ender hopper, mob filter, and slime crucible.

Get this mod from here.

11) MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod

furniture mod
A table and chairs in the game

This is another popular mod that, as you can guess from the name, adds new furniture to Minecraft. Even though the Minecraft community has been requesting it for a long time, new furniture is yet to be introduced. With this mod, over 80 different types of furniture that, include different types of chairs, tables and more, can be added to Minecraft.

Download this mod from here.

12) MrCrayfish’s Vehicle mod

dirt bike
A dirt bike

To completely revolutionize how players travel in the game, this mod adds more than twenty different vehicles, such as tractors and scooters. You can also customize the vehicles by changing the colour, wheels, and engines.

These were our top 15 mods for Minecraft. If you think we missed your favourite mods, let us know in the comments!

Get this mod from here.

13) Cooking for Blockheads

An oven from Cooking for Blockheads mod

This is another mod to help the newbies of Minecraft. This mod will add a cooking book with information regarding all food items you can craft with ingredients in your inventory. It also adds functional cooking equipment.

Here’s the download link to this mod.

14) Carry on

carry on mod
Player carrying an iron golem

Carry on is a unique Minecraft mod that lets you carry any tile entity or mob with your bare hands. This will be incredibly helpful when you want to make around full chests in your base. To carry a block, press shift and right-click while aiming at the block. Both hands need to be empty.

Download carry on mod from here.

15) More dogs

german shepherd
A german shepherd dog in the game

Sadly, tamed wolves are closest to having pet dogs in Minecraft. However, with this mod, you can add many different dog breeds to the game. Specific breeds also have special functionalities in the More dogs Minecraft mod.

Download more dogs mod from here.

These were our top 15 mods for Minecraft. If you think we missed your favourite mods, let us know in the comments!

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