Minecraft Allay Duplication Guide

Minecraft has a ton of different living creatures called mobs that spawn all over the world. With each major update, at least a few new mobs are introduced.

Allay is a cute passive mob that was added to Minecraft with the 1.19 update. If you are adventuring around pillager outposts or exploring a woodland mansion in Minecraft, there’s a good chance you will find multiple allays there.

Duplicating allay in Minecraft

Allay is a unique mob that can be duplicated in Minecraft. You can do so by giving it an amethyst shard while it is dancing. It will only dance when a jukebox is playing in its vicinity.

After duplication, there’s a 5-minute timer on both the allays before they can be duplicated again.

How to get the required items

amethyst geode
  • Amethyst shards: Amethyst shard is a unique crystal that you can obtain by mining a fully grown amethyst cluster. Amethyst clusters grow inside amethyst geodes: Structures that generate in the Overworld that can be found between Y levels -58 and 30. A pickaxe with no Silk Touch or Fortune enchantment is required to mine this crystal. To give it to an allay, aim at it and right-click with the shard in your main hand.
  • Jukebox: Jukebox is a block used for playing music in Minecraft. You can craft it using eight planks and one diamond. To do so, place the diamond in the center and the planks on all the other crafting table slots.

What does the allay do?

allay holding

Allay flies around the player that gives it an item. After that, it looks for the dropped versions of the same thing and then delivers them to the player who gave it the item. It will follow the player for up to 64 blocks. Allays can hold up to a stack of an object. You definitely need to own multiple copies of this adorable spirit in Minecraft.

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