How to Make Sculk Block Farm in Minecraft

Sculk blocks are unique and one of the most recent blocks in Minecraft. The developers introduced these redstone blocks with the 1.19 The Wild Update. The sculk blocks can only be found inside caves, specifically in the deep dark cave biome. Ancient cities are full of sculk blocks, and these structures generate below Y level -50 only in the Overworld.

If you find a sculk block, you can mine it using any tool with Silk Touch. However, hoes can mine it the quickest. 

This article will guide you on creating a sculk farm in Minecraft.

Sculk block farm in Minecraft

Like all other resources, you can farm sculk blocks in Minecraft. Sculk blocks generate when a mob dies in the vicinity of a sculk catalyst. We can make use of this game mechanic to create an automatic farm where mobs are spawned and killed close to a sculk catalyst block to create sculk blocks.

Items required for sculk farm and how to get them

  • 1x Fence: It can be crafted using four planks and two sticks.
  • 4x Signs: Wooden signs can be crafted using a stick and six planks.
  • 15x Kelp: Grows naturally in the ocean.
  • 1x Soul sand block: Soul sands can be found only in the Nether world. A lot of it is generated in the soul sand valley biome. You can mine it using any tool.
  • 1x Sculk catalyst: Generates naturally in the deep dark caves and can be mined and collected using any tool with Silk Touch.
  • 1x Pointed dripstone: It can be found in dripstone caves. You can mine it using a pickaxe.
  • 8x Slabs: Wooden slabs can be crafted using three planks of the same type.
  • 3x Smooth stone: Smelting stone gives smooth stone.
  • 1x Zombie or skeleton spawner: They cannot be mined. Therefore, we must create a farm close to a dungeon with a spawner.
  • Water buckets: Empty buckets can be crafted using three iron ingots. You can then collect water in it by pressing the use button while aiming at a water source.

Finding the perfect spot


The farm we are about to create requires a zombie or skeleton spawner. These spawners cannot be mined. Therefore we have to make our farm where they generate naturally. Dungeons are a great place to create this farm since they are easier to work with than mineshafts.

Creating a mob spawning chamber

spawner room

We need to prepare the room in which the mobs will spawn. Once you find a dungeon, make sure to light up the room using torches to avoid spawning unwanted mobs. Place a slab above the spawner to prevent mobs from spawning on top of it.

The room must be nine blocks wide, nine blocks long, and four blocks tall, with the spawner in the center. Once you have completed the previous step, lower the room’s floor by four blocks.

Creating the sculk farm room

Set up a sculk farming room next to the spawner room, as shown in the above image. You can create this room on any side you desire. The dimensions of the room don’t affect the farm as long as it is four blocks tall. However, build the room just a short distance from the spawner room, as that can affect the spawning rates.

Creating the elevator

To automatically kill the mobs spawned by the spawner, we need to create an elevator that takes the mobs at least to a height of 15 blocks and then drops them.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

spawner room elevator

Step 1: Dig out a straight, two blocks deep path as shown in the image. It should be leading towards the sculk farming room. 

water sources

Step 2: Then, place water sources as shown.

step 4

Step 3: Dig a block deeper where the water stops flowing to continue the flow.

actual step 4

Step 4: Now, place a soul sand block, a fence, and three signs as done in the above image, and dig up 15 blocks upwards in a straight line.

Step 5: While on the top, create a 3-4 block long passage and then place a water source on the hole you just dug up and place kelp in a straigth line till the top then remove it. Put a sign on the other end of the passage and dig straight downwards. Do this so that you open up to the sculk farming room after digging enough.

pointed stone

Step 6: Wherever you end up in the sculk farm room, replace the block on which mobs will fall with a smooth stone and place a pointed dripstone on it.

Finishing up and how to use


Place the smooth stones and slabs as shown and then put down your sculk catalyst near the pointed dripstone to finish up the farm. Make sure to remove all the torches from the spawner room and then block off that room altogether.

Using this farm is very simple. All you have to do is go AFK in the sculk farm room, and the mobs will fall and die, converting the blocks around the pointed dripstone into sculk blocks. 

Then, you can mine the sculk blocks and place new blocks to be converted into sculk. That’s it! Your sculk block farm is now ready to use.

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