How to Change Camera View in Minecraft

These days, many video games have the option to change camera view, and Minecraft is no stranger to this feature. In fact, Minecraft has had this feature since its launch over a decade ago. If you didn’t know about this feature, we are here to help you change camera view in Minecraft. 

Easy way to Change Camera View in Minecraft

The way to change camera perspective is different for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition. Let us first understand how to change view in Java Edition first: 

How to Change Minecraft’s Camera View in Java Edition

Change camera view

In Java Edition, you can press the F5 button on your keyboard to change the camera view instantly. You can switch between back-facing and front-facing third person view by clicking the F5 button again. Pressing the button for the third time will change the camera view back to normal, i.e., first person perspective. 

You can also change the key binding for toggling perspective via Controls settings in Minecraft Java Edition. By default, it is set to F5, but you can change it to any button you want.

How to Change Minecraft’s Camera View in Bedrock Edition

Change camera view Minecraft Bedrock
Go to Video Settings to change Camera Perspective

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, there is no hotkey to change camera view. The only way to change camera view in Bedrock Edition is by going into the settings. Follow these steps to change the camera perspective: 

  1. In Minecraft Bedrock, go to Settings. 
  2. Go to the General section and click on Video to access video settings. 
  3. Click on the button below Camera Perspective to change your camera view. 

Compared to Java Edition, it takes a little more work to change the camera view in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Hopefully, Mojang will one day add a shortcut for Bedrock players as well. 

Why Change Camera View in Minecraft?

Minecraft steve

Default camera view, first person, is undoubtedly the best way to play Minecraft. However, sometimes changing the camera view might help you see hidden things. Let’s say you are waiting behind a wall to scare your friend. In first person view, you won’t be able to see him coming. But the third person perspective can help you do so easily. 

Changing the camera view is also necessary if you want to take a picture of your cool Minecraft skin. Hopefully, this guide helped you change the camera view in Minecraft. Check out our other helpful guides for Minecraft: 

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