How to Duplicate Tripwire Hook in Minecraft

Tripwire hook is an intriguing item that you can find in Jungle Temples. When a player or an entity walks over a tripwire circuit, the tripwire emits a redstone signal. Players often use them to create traps on SMP(Survival Multiplayer) servers.

Other than creating traps for other players or mobs, tripwire hooks can also be used to craft a few items.

In this article, we can learn about tripwire hooks and how they can be duplicated.

Creating a Tripwire Hook duper in Minecraft

trip dupe

Due to a glitch in Minecraft Java Edition, when a tripwire hook circuit is a setup between two trapdoors, as shown above, and the tripwire is activated, instead of both the hooks, only one of them breaks. The other tripwire, which is facing either North or east, doesn’t break but still drops as an item.

This allows us to create a redstone contraption that automates the above process and collects tripwire hooks.

Before we start creating our tripwire hook duping machine, we have to acquire at least two tripwire hooks. There are a handful of ways in which tripwire hooks can be acquired:

  • Crafting: Crafting tripwire hooks is arguably the most efficient method of obtaining tripwire hooks because doing so doesn’t require a lot of items. For crafting a tripwire hook, you will need an iron ingot, a stick, and a wood plank of any type. Place these items in a straight vertical line in the crafting grid of a crafting table.
  • Jungle temples: These are rare structures in the jungle biome that hold valuable items in their loot chests. Jungle temples have traps that shoot arrows at you when you activate a tripwire hook. You can simply break the tripwire hook using any item or bare hands.
  • Pillager outpost loot: Like Jungle temples, Pillager outposts are rare structures with one loot chest. There is a 30.5% chance that a loot chest in a pillager outpost has 1-3 tripwire hooks.
  • Fishing: Tripwire hooks can also be acquired through fishing. However, the odds are very low.

Now that we have tripwire hooks at disposal, let’s look at the items we need to create a tripwire hook duper:

  • 2x building blocks(We used smooth stone)
  • 5x Redstone dust
  • 1x Redstone torch
  • 2x Piston
  • 1x Iron trapdoor
  • 1x Wooden trapdoor(We used birch)
  • 2x Tripwire hooks
  • 1x Hopper
  • 1x Armor stand
  • 1x Chest
  • 1x String


tripwire duper step 1

Step 1: Put down the two building blocks next to each other and place a redstone torch on one of them. Place an iron trapdoor above the redstone torch so that it looks like the trapdoor is in between the two blocks, and put a tripwire hook on the trapdoor as shown.

All these blocks need to be placed in a way tripwire faces either the South or the West. This is because we want this tripwire hook to break for the contraption to work properly.

tripwire duper step 2

Step 2: Place the redstone dust and the pistons as shown. Put a chest next to the piston that isn’t activated at the moment.

tripwire duper step 3

Step 3: Place a hopper going into the chest. Then, place a temporary block next to the hopper, put a wooden trapdoor on top of it, and open it as shown. You can now remove the temporary block.

tripwire duper step 4

Step 4: Put an armor stand in between the two pistons and place a tripwire hook on the wooden trapdoor facing the other tripwire.

Once you have completed the above steps, use string to connect the two tripwire hooks. If you have built the contraption correctly and the tripwire hook on the wooden trapdoor is facing either the North or the East direction, the duper should work.

Hold a tripwire hook in your hand to use it, and while facing the iron door, press the right-click button. You can also use an auto clicker to automate this process fully.

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