How to Make a Piston Door using Sculk Sensor in Minecraft

Minecraft receives one or two major updates that add new content to the game every year. The 1.19 The Wild Update was released on June 7, 2022, introducing quite a few new blocks and biomes.

One of the new blocks from the sculk family that was introduced with this update was the sculk sensor. It was a unique block that could be used to create wireless redstone contraptions for the first time in Minecraft.

In this article, we will learn how to create a simple piston door that uses sculk sensors.

Steps to Create a Piston Door using Sculk Sensor in Minecraft

Sculk sensor is a fascinating redstone block that can detect vibrations caused by movements such as your footsteps and emit a redstone signal. Sculk sensors, when properly configured with pistons, can be used to create a piston door that opens when you step on a block that is close to it.

To build a simple piston door using a sculk sensor, you will need the following items:

  • 1x Sculk sensor: You can find sculk sensors in the deep dark cave biomes and ancient cities. Loot chests in ancient cities have a 23.2% chance of having sculk sensors as well.
  • 11x Redstone dust: Redstone dust is obtained upon mining redstone ore using an iron pickaxe or better. 
  • 4x Sticky pistons: Sticky pistons can be crafted by placing a regular piston and a slimeball in the crafting grid.
  • 6x Solid blocks for the door(We used andesite)
  • 2x Redstone torch: You can craft redstone torches by placing a redstone dust in a crafting grid slot and a stick in the slot below it.
  • 4x Redstone repeaters: Repeaters are craftable items. To do so, you need two redstone torches, one redstone dust, and three stone blocks.
  • Random blocks for building around the door.


piston door step 1

Step 1: Place the sticky pistons and the door blocks as shown.

piston door step 2

Step 2: Place a block next to the top sticky piston as shown in the above image and put a redstone torch below it. Repeat for the other side.

piston door step 3

Step 3: Dig up as shown to create space for the redstone contraption and place the sculk sensor in the center.

piston door step 4

Step 4: Create the redstone contraption by following the above image.

piston door step 5

Step 5: Cover the redstone contraption and the pistons as you desire.

While this piston door looks modern and straight out of some science fiction, it is not the best at preventing hostile mobs from entering your base. Be sure to keep your entrance well lit to avoid hostile mobs from spawning. 

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