How to make a Simple Music Disc Farm in Minecraft

Music discs are one of the most extraordinary items in Minecraft. You can use a jukebox to play them. Since they aren’t craftable(Excluding the music disc “5”), creating an automatic farm that farms music discs is one of the most efficient ways of acquiring a lot of them.

There are a total of fifteen music discs, and you can obtain most of them by creating an automatic farm. If you are new to Minecraft, there are a ton of different automatic farm designs that use different game mechanics to gather items and sometimes store them inside chests. 

This article will guide you on how to make a simple music disc farm.

Building a Music Disc farm in Minecraft

To make a basic music disc farm, you will need these items:

required items
  • 40x Cobblestone
  • 1x Anvil
  • 1x Name tag
  • 8x Pistons
  • 1x Sticky piston
  • 2x Wooden pressure plates
  • 1x Lever

How to acquire the required items

  • Cobblestone: This block is the most common stone block that generates naturally in the Overworld in most biomes. You can mine it using a stone pickaxe or better.
  • Anvil: Anvils can be crafted using 3 blocks of iron and 4 iron ingots. You may also find them inside a few village houses.
  • Name tag: This is an uncraftable item that players commonly find inside loot chests of Mineshafts. A few other structures that may have a name tag in their loot chests are Dungeon, Ancient city, Buried Treasure(Bedrock Edition only), and Woodland Mansion.
  • Pistons: Pistons can be crafted by placing three planks, four cobblestones, one iron ingot, and a redstone dust, as shown.
  • Sticky piston: Sticky piston is quite easy to craft. You only need a piston and a slimeball to craft it on a crafting table.
  • Pressure plates: Wooden pressure plates can be crafted on the crafting by placing two planks next to each other.
  • Lever: You only need a stick and a cobblestone block to craft a lever.


Once you have acquired the items mentioned above, follow these steps to create a simple music disc farm:


Step 1: Dig out four holes and place pistons inside them facing upwards. 


Step 2: Place a pressure plate in the center.


Step 3: Create a 3×3 roof two blocks above the pressure plate.


Step 4: Lure a skeleton and trap it by making it stand on the pressure plate. The pistons will be activated, and the skeleton will have nowhere to go.


Step 5: Because of the roof we created earlier, the skeleton will not die from staying in the sun for too long. However, it may despawn. We need to rename the skeleton using a name tag to prevent that from happening. Use the anvil to rename the name tag and use it on the trapped skeleton.


Step 6: Create a chamber by putting up cobblestone walls on three sides of the skeleton.


Step 7: Place a cobblestone, a sticky piston, and a lever on the sticky piston as shown. Place two cobblestone blocks as indicated to complete the chamber correctly. You can flick the lever to stop the skeleton from attacking you.


Step 8: Repeat the first three steps in front of the skeleton chamber as shown. Here we will trap creepers.

You have successfully created a music disc farm.

How to use the music disc farm in Minecraft

disc farm

The building process is done, so let’s learn how to use the farm. When a skeleton kills a creeper in Minecraft, it will always drop a music disc, and the farm takes advantage of this game mechanic.

farm disc

You can trap a creeper on the pressure plates. Then, you have to stand behind it so the skeleton can see you and try to hit you. As the creeper stands between, it will be hit by the skeletons’ arrows and die. You can flick the lever to stop the skeleton from attacking you and collect the music disc.

Other music discs and how to obtain them


The farm we have just created can help us acquire all the music discs, excluding three: Pigstep, Otherside, and Music Disc 5.

Here’s how to get the other discs:

  • Pigstep: This is one of the rarest music discs that can only be found inside the loot chests of Bastions. The chance of this happening is 5.6%.
  • Otherside: Otherside is one of the newest music discs in Minecraft that is generated inside the loot chests of Dungeons, Ancient cities, and Strongholds.
  • 5: This is the only craftable music disc in Minecraft 1.19 that requires nine disc fragments to be crafted. Disc fragments are extremely rare items that you may find in loot chests of an Ancient city. By placing nine disc fragments on each slot of the crafting grid of a crafting table, you can craft the Music Disc 5. 

Now, you know how to obtain both farmable music discs as well as non-farmable music discs. Check out our other Minecraft guides to learn more about this sandbox game:

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