How to Make a Pizza Banner in Minecraft

Banners are probably the most customizable item in Minecraft. With 16 unique dye colors and 34 different patterns, players can generate quadrillions of unique banner designs. As banners can have six different patterns, players can use their creativity to create some cool and exciting banner designs in Minecraft. 

Beginners may think of it as a joke, but it is really possible to create banner designs featuring pizzas, burgers, popcorn, and other food items. Accomplishing such patterns requires high-level creativity, as a banner can only have six different patterns. Do not worry if you cannot come up with a pizza banner design. 

Keep reading to find out how you can create a pizza banner in Minecraft. 

Pizza Banner in Minecraft

Items needed to Make a Pizza Banner in Minecraft

Items required for pizza banner in Minecraft

Creating custom pizza designs is cheap as it only requires dyes and a banner. Here is a list of ingredients necessary to make a pizza banner in Minecraft:

  • Loom
  • A white banner
  • Two red dye
  • Two white dye or bone meal
  • One yellow dye
  • One brown dye

If you are lacking these items, here is a quick guide on how to obtain each of these items:

  1. Loom: To craft a loom, you need two strings and two planks. After obtaining these items, check your recipe book to see the loom crafting recipe. 
  2. White banner: To craft a white banner, you need six blocks of white wool and a stick. In a crafting table, place six blocks of white wool in the upper two rows and a stick in the middle of the bottom row to make a white banner. 
  3. Red dye: You can make a red dye using poppy, red tulip, rose bush, or beetroot.
  4. White dye or bone meal: To obtain white dye and bone meal, you will need to get bones.
  5. Yellow dye: You can craft yellow dye using either dandelions or sunflowers. 
  6. Brown dye: You can craft brown dye using cocoa beans found in jungle biomes. 

After obtaining all the above items, go through the following steps to create a pizza banner in Minecraft. 

Steps to Make a Pizza Banner in Minecraft

1. Open loom, add a white banner and red dye. 

Loom has a simple, easy-to-use GUI in Minecraft. There are three slots in the loom: one for banner, second for dye, and third for banner pattern. In this tutorial, we only need banner and dye slots. First, place a white banner and red dye in the loom. 

Pizza banner 1

2. Make Red Per Fess design

After placing a white banner and red dye, you will see various banner patterns in the loot. Scroll down and select the Red Per Fess design, as shown in the above image. Create Red Per Fess banner. 

3. Add Inverted Red Per Fess pattern 

Pizza banner 2

Add the previously created Red Per Fess banner to the loom and use red dye to give the Inverted Red Per Fess pattern to the flag. Now, the banner will be completely red. 

4. Use yellow dye and add Yellow Field Masoned pattern

Pizza banner 3

Now, you will have to use the yellow dye to add the Yellow Field Masoned pattern to the red banner. Make sure it is the same pattern as shown in the above image. 

5. Add Brown Bordure pattern.

Pizza banner 4

Use the brown dye to add Brown Bordure to the banner. This pattern will add a brown border to the banner. 

6. Add White Per Bend Sinister Inverted

Pizza banner 5

Use white dye to add the White Per Bend Sinister Inverted pattern to the banner. 

7. Add White Per Bend Sinister 

Pizza banner 6

The last step is to add the White Per Bend Sinister pattern to the banner using the white dye. Now, your pizza banner is ready to use. 

Pizza banners are an excellent decoration for building a pizzeria in Minecraft. If you have a pizzeria in your world, use pizza banners to add life to the build. While you are here, check out our other useful Minecraft guides:

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