How to Stop Bamboo from Growing in Minecraft

In Minecraft’s big and open world, you will find a wide variety of flora and fauna. Many essential items can be acquired from plants and trees, and the best part is you can quickly grow as many of them as you want.

While exploring jungle biomes, you will come across bamboo a lot as it is native to this biome. Bamboos can be a great addition to your Minecraft builds if you can stop them from growing. 

Minecraft Guide: How to Prevent Bamboo from growing

tall bamboo

Bamboo is one of the tallest plants that can be found in Vanilla Minecraft. A bamboo shoot can grow up to 16 blocks tall.

Having bamboo plants as tall as 16 blocks can be annoying for players growing them near their base. Luckily, there are a few ways by which bamboo growth can be stunned.

string bamboo

When an item is placed above a bamboo, it stops growing. However, placing a solid block looks weird and uncanny. Therefore we can use string. When placed, string is almost invisible and also does the job of stopping the bamboo from growing.

String is a common item that can be acquired by killing spiders and cave spiders. You can also get string by mining cobwebs with a sword. Cobwebs usually generate next to cave spider spawners. These spawners are found in mineshafts.

What can you do with bamboo?

panda eating

Now that we know how to stop bamboo from getting annoyingly tall let’s see what we can do with the bamboo we have acquired. Here’s a list of things you can do with bamboo:

  • Grow even more bamboo: Like most plants in the game, bamboo can be used to grow more of them. You can plant bamboo on moss blocks, different dirt blocks, sand, gravel, and mycelium. You do not need to place a water source next to bamboo for it to grow.
  • Breeding pandas: By feeding bamboo to two pandas, you can breed them. There also needs to be eight bamboo plants within five blocks of both pandas. Feeding bamboo to baby pandas increases their growth rate as well.
  • Fuel: You can use bamboo as fuel in furnaces. However, it isn’t very efficient compared to other fuels in Minecraft. 
  • Flower pots: Bamboo can be placed in flower pots and used for decoration

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