How to make Grass blocks in Minecraft 

A blocky sandbox game like Minecraft is bound to have a plethora of blocks. With every update, at least a few new blocks are introduced along with new items. The majority of the blocks in the game can be acquired in survival game mode without using cheats.

Grass blocks are arguably the most common block in Minecraft as they generate in the Overworld, and the most common biomes have a ton of them. 

In this guide, we will learn how to make grass blocks in Minecraft.

How to get grass blocks in Minecraft without Silk Touch

enderman grass block

Silk Touch is a unique enchantment that can be applied to tools in Minecraft. When an ore or a block like a grass block is mined using a Silk Touch tool, the block drops itself instead of the usual item.

When mined without Silk Touch, a grass block drops a dirt block. The only other way of obtaining a grass block in Minecraft is by killing an enderman holding a grass block.

Converting dirt blocks into grass blocks

grass spread

Luckily, even if we do not have grass blocks in our inventory, we can grow grass on dirt blocks. To do so, we will have to place our dirt blocks where they come in contact with a grass block. Since grass blocks are widespread, this is pretty easy to do. The grass will then eventually grow from one block to another.

If there aren’t grass blocks close to where you have placed your dirt block, you can try forming a line of grass blocks as shown above, which will also work. If you are trying this somewhere where it is entirely dark, place a few torches or any light source block as the light level around the dirt needs to be at least 4.

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn more about the pretty glass blocks of Minecraft. Here are some other helpful guides:

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