How to Make Tipped Arrows in Minecraft

Minecraft rewards its players by giving them certain items upon defeating most mobs. Players can use good weapons to make defeating mobs easier, and there are quite a few to choose from.

One of the most commonly used and effective weapons is the bow. Being able to deal good amounts of damage while staying out of the enemy’s range of attack is what makes the bow and arrow one of the best weapons in Minecraft. However, to use the bow, players will need arrows as well. You can choose from a number of arrows in the game as ammunition for your bow, and one of the available options is the tipped arrows.

Tipped Arrows in Minecraft

Tipped arrows are special arrows that imbue a potion effect on the mob it hits. The duration of the effect inflicted is always ⅛ of that corresponding potion.

Here’s a list of all the types of tipped arrows:

  • Arrow of Regeneration
  • Arrow of Swiftness
  • Arrow of Fire Resistance
  • Arrow of Healing
  • Arrow of Night Vision
  • Arrow of Strength
  • Arrow of Leaping
  • Arrow of Invisibility
  • Arrow of Poison
  • Arrow of Weakness
  • Arrow of Slowness
  • Arrow of Harming
  • Arrow of Water Breathing
  • Arrow of Luck‌ [Java Edition only]
  • Arrow of Decay‌ [Bedrock Edition only]
  • Arrow of the Turtle Master
  • Arrow of Slow Falling

Apart from these, there are four more tipped arrows that do not imbue any effects on the target. One of them is called an arrow of splashing, and the other three are called tipped arrows.

How to get tipped arrows?

There are several ways in which tipped arrows can be acquired.


tipped arrow recipe

Arguably the most reliable way of acquiring tipped arrows in bulk is crafting them. To do so, you’ll need the following:

  • 8x Regular arrows
  • 1x Lingering potion of any type

With the above-mentioned crafting ingredients, you can craft 8 tipped arrows. The effect of crafted tipped arrows is the same as the lingering potion used.

As you can tell, crafting tipped arrows isn’t hard. However, acquiring lingering potions is much more hectic and takes much longer.

To get a lingering potion, you need a splash potion and dragon’s breath. Dragon’s breath can be collected by using an empty bottle on the purple clouds that form on the surface when the Ender Dragon uses its fireball attack. You can also get dragon’s breath by directly scooping up the Ender Dragon’s breath attack.

Once you have the dragon’s breath, obtain a splash potion by placing any potion with gunpowder on a brewing stand, as shown in the above image.

Once you have both ingredients, place them on a crafting table as shown and collect the tipped arrows.


tipper arrow fletcher master

You can get tipped arrows by trading with Fletcher villagers. A master-level fletcher villager has ½ chance of selling five tipped arrows for two emeralds and five arrows in Bedrock Edition. If you’re on the Java Edition, the chances of the fletcher offering five tipped arrows for two emeralds and five arrows are ⅔.

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Villager gifts

When you defeat a raid and obtain the Hero of the Village status effect, the Fletcher villagers may award you with tipped arrows(except for luck and Bad Luck arrows). However, this can only happen in Java Edition.

Cauldrons (Bedrock Edition only)

tipped arrow cauldron

Using cauldrons is one of the easiest methods of creating tipped arrows. To do so, simply use your arrows on a cauldron that contains potions. You can fill a cauldron with potion by using the potion on a cauldron. The number of tipped arrows created depends on how much potion is inside the cauldron.

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