How to Show Chunk Borders in Minecraft

Minecraft is a blocky sandbox game that has been out for many devices for over a decade. The world of Minecraft is enormous and is divided into small segments called chunks.

Each chunk in Minecraft is a 384 block tall, 16×16 long segment generated by the game’s world generator to divide the world into manageable pieces. There are a total of 98,304 blocks contained in every chunk generated.

Chunk Borders in Minecraft

slime chunk

As you can guess from the name, chunk borders are borders that represent the edges of each chunk around the player.

How to enable chunk borders?

You can enable chunk borders to know where a chunk starts or ends. This feature was added to Minecraft with the 1.10 update exclusively to the Java Edition.

To enable chunk borders in Minecraft Java Edition, simply press F3 and G together. Vertical lines representing the edges of nearby chunks will then appear.

Enabling chunk borders in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Sadly, the developers of Minecraft have not added an option to enable chunk borders in the Bedrock Edition. However, the community has found a way of identifying the chunk borders.

Chunk Visualizer is a texture pack that comes with useful features such as chunk map, chunk edge, chunk coordinates, and chunk indicator.

These features will help you quickly find the edges of chunks in your offline worlds, as well as on online servers. This resource pack works in Minecraft 1.17 and might be updated for newer versions.

Uses of chunk border

Being able to see the edges of a chunk will help us identify special chunks where slimes are spawned. If you’re unaware, slimes are hostile mobs that spawn specifically in a few chunks and drop slimeballs upon death. Slime balls are necessary for crafting a lot of items, such as sticky pistons. Therefore many players create at least one farm in their Minecraft world.

When the player finds a slime, they can identify the chunk in which it may have spawned and create an efficient farm there.

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