Who is stronger in Minecraft, the Wither or the Ender Dragon?

Minecraft is home to a ton of different creatures that spawn on their own in various places. Quite a few mobs are hostile and will attack you whenever you are close enough.
However, Minecraft also has two unique mobs that are some of the, if not the most dangerous creatures. They are the Ender Dragon and the Wither.

These two are the only boss mobs in Minecraft as of version 1.18. This article compares the mobs to conclude which one is stronger.

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Mob comparison: Wither vs. Ender dragon

The Ender Dragon and the Wither are both extremely rare mobs. One Ender dragon spawns in the End dimension, and once defeated, you can spawn another one using end crystals. On the other hand, the wither does not spawn naturally. You can spawn it using three wither skulls and four soul sand or soul soil blocks.

Health points

The Wither has different health points on Java and Bedrock Edition. In Java edition, it has three hundred health points or 150 hearts. In Bedrock Edition, its health depends on the world’s difficulty: 300 on easy, 450 on normal, and 600 on hard. On the other hand, the Ender Dragon has 200 health points regardless of the difficulty.

Attack Strength

Unlike usual hostile mobs, the boss mobs have multiple ways of dealing damage to the player. The damage inflicted to the player depends on the attack and the world’s difficulty.

Here are all the different Ender Dragon attacks and the damage they will inflict:

  • Melee: 6 on easy, 10 on normal, and 15 on hard.
  • Wings: 3 on easy, 5 on normal, and 7 on hard.
  • Dragon’s Breath: 3 per second on each difficulty.
  • Dragon Fireball: 6 per second on each difficulty.

Here are all the different attacks the Wither can perform and the damage they will inflict:

  • Birth Explosion: 35 on easy, 68 on Normal, and 102 on hard.
  • Wither Skull: 5 on easy, 8 on normal, 12 on hard.
  • Dash Attack: 15 on each difficulty.

If you take damage from a wither skull on normal or hard difficulty, a “wither” status effect is applied. This effect inflicts one heart of damage per second. The total duration depends on the world’s difficulty: 10 seconds on normal and 40 seconds on hard.

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Which boss mob is the hardest to defeat in Minecraft?

In theory, the Wither is harder to defeat since most of its attacks deal comparatively more damage per attack, and it has a lot more health points(especially on Bedrock Edition). Additionally, it also leaves a status effect on players attacked by its wither skulls, which keeps decreasing the player’s health points for as long as they are under it.

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