17 best Minecraft seeds for cave biome [2023]

Before the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, caves in Minecraft used to be quite dull and repetitive. Both parts of the Caves & Cliffs update and the 1.19 The Wild Update have made exploring caves in Minecraft a lot more exciting. These updates have introduced a handful of new cave biomes and mountain biomes.

Lush caves, Dripstone caves, and the Deep Dark cave are the three new biomes that you may come across in the latest version of Minecraft. Aside from lush caves, the other two biomes can be extremely dangerous since the dripstone caves can have a lot of mobs, and the warden can spawn in the deep dark.

In this article, we will explore Minecraft seeds that generate worlds with amazing cave biomes for you to explore.

Best Minecraft cave biome seeds

17)  Underwater Dripstone cave (Seed: -1268756054744528703)

dripstone submerged

With the recent updates, more and more underwater caves with a lot of exposed ores are being generated in Minecraft. Exploring these caves is very rewarding but doing so isn’t easy at all. It would help if you used a good helmet with Respiration enchantment to breathe for prolonged times. You can also create water-breathing potions.

This Java Edition seed has a submerged dripstone cave at 14, 5, 1013 that is very large and filled with different types of ores. This vast cave is also connected to another dripstone cave that isn’t underwater at -37, 13, 913.

16) Mineshaft inside a huge exposed cave (Seed: 8575771024027247206)

mineshaft cave

Every now and then, players who like to explore the world of Minecraft will come across a small hole in the ground that leads them to a cave. However, this seed generates a world with a massive hole at 1314, -13, -1073 that opens up to a vast cavern.

The unique thing about this cave is that it has an enormous Mineshaft inside, and it opens up to a lush cave at 1432, -9, -891. The cave also has a giant aquifer with at least four diamond ores at 1327, 85, -1111, and 1217, -37, -1099.

15) Tall mountain with an entrance to a huge cave (Seed: -8976270718108919149)

cave entrance

Mountains in Minecraft are now known for having random openings that lead the players into beautiful lush caves. This Java seed has a very tall mountain with an entrance to a lush cave at -187, 126, 267.

deep dark cavern

After journeying into this lush cave, you will find a deep dark cavern at -178, -5, 331. The cave is extensive, but the lush cave connected with it is one of the largest you might come across.

14) Entrance to the deep dark at spawn (Seed: 2625094755235955149)

entrance to cave

This Java seed generates an entrance to a dripstone cave at spawn that leads to a deep dark cave biome with an ancient city. The coordinates of the ancient city are 64, -51, 87. One of the loot chests of the ancient city at 153, -48, 96 has one of the newer music discs called “Otherside”.

13) Village above a huge open-air cave (Seed: 4687690878552761694)

village above cave

Villages are one of the most common structures in Minecraft that players have found in the weirdest places. This seed generates a world with a village partially floating over an open cave, and one of its houses is inside the cave. Coordinates of the village are 80, 95, 906.

In front of the village are a few tall snowy mountains that are perfect for creating a base. The best part about this seed is that it works on both the Java and the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. Therefore, everyone can explore the fantastic world generated by this seed.

12) Single village house in a cave (Seed: -11988774740272)

house in a cave

This seed generates a world in Minecraft Java Edition with a single village house inside a big open-air dripstone cave. The coordinates of the house are -322, 71, 97. Another cool feature of this seed is that moving East from the spawn point, you will find a Woodland Mansion at 236, 89, 64.

11) Entrance to a lush cave between two waterfalls (Seed: 1108885)

lush cave between waterfalls

The new mountain biomes are some fascinating world-generation features to be added to the game. It gets even better when the mountain holds entrances to the beautiful lush caves.

This Java seed has a very tall snowy mountain at 662, 100, 668 with a hole opening up to a lush cave. The cave isn’t enormous, but digging a bit deeper towards the south will lead you to a much larger cave of the same biome at 661, 44, 698.

10) A complete package (Seed: -2135836821937050197)

deep dark caves minecraft biome

This Java seed arguably generates one of the best worlds for you to start your survival journey. The spawn location of this world may not seem attractive. Moreover, if you create a Nether portal and enter it, you will immediately find a Nether fortress.

A tall mountain close to spawn sits above an Ancient city located at 1175, -44, -1150. The city is only about 380 blocks away from spawn. However, you will have to dig a lot downwards to reach it.

Two more amazing features of this seed are that a stronghold and the rare mushroom fields biomes are surprisingly near the spawn. The coordinates of the stronghold are 1456, -39, -867, and the coordinates of the mushroom island are 329, 70, -395. Digging below the mushroom island, you can find narrow lush caves and a mineshaft as well.

9) Open-air lush cave (Seed: 873506786)

lush haha

In the 1.19 version of Minecraft, it is very easy to come across unexpected openings in mountains that lead into a lush cave. However, this seed generates a world with a fantastic open-air lush cave close to the spawn point at 379, 64, 271. This seed can be used on both Java and Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

There’s a mineshaft in the cave, and by digging a bit, you can also find a spider dungeon with two loot chests in Java Edition.

8) Massive open-air lush cave under a cold biome (Seed: 6431356215914420990)

lush cave under moun

This is another open-air lush cave seed, but it’s pretty different from the previous one. The world generated from this seed has a big open-air lush cave right below a few snowy mountains at -1468, 89, -1069. The best part about this lush cave is that it is near the ocean, which is relatively uncommon.

If you dig a bit downwards, you will find a massive cave with features of both lush and deep dark cave biomes. An Ancient city also generates at -1431, -50, -1455.

7) Floating Lush Aquifer (Seed: -6791272749711760258)

aquifer lush

Aquifers are flooded parts of cave systems in Minecraft 1.19. At -466, 110, -20, this seed generates excellent aquifers that are floating midair. Cave vines with glow berries are hanging from the aquifer. 

Water falls from this aquifer to another large aquifer. The lush cave even continues below the second aquifer. This is the perfect place to create a cave base.

6) Cool Dripstone mountain with mineshaft (Seed: 8531363911024590720)

drip mountain

The world generated by this seed features a fairly tall mountain close to spawning at -46, 105, 200 with a huge opening. Inside it, there is a bottomless dripstone cave, and you can find a mineshaft inside it.

Overall, this seed is perfect for someone who plans to build a scary base inside a dripstone cave.

5) Giant cave with dripstone and Ancient city (Seed: 1692377804199873414)

deep dark cavee

At -903, 108, -613, there is a small opening through which, if you fall, there is no chance of surviving unless you are good at MLG. The cave below these coordinates is more than 100 blocks deep, and at the bottom, it is a mixture of dripstone and the deep dark.

Moving north, you can also find a Mineshaft and a few aquifers. At -1807, -48, -1759 you can also find an Ancient city.

4) Spawn right above a huge cave (Seed: -2990158911058013189)


Using this seed, you can spawn right above a humongous cave system at least 90 blocks deep. It is pretty broad as well and has both the dripstones and deep dark biomes with a lot of aquifers.

3) Exposed massive cave surrounded by a valley (Seed: 6413417446666925668)

valley lush

At -407, 70, -536, this seed has a small valley that has multiple holes in it through which you can enter a massive cave system. While exploring, it may seem like the cave never ends because of how long it is. You will find a ton of exposed ores inside here and a lot of dripstones as well.

2) A very welcoming lush cave with mineshaft (Seed: 61745200092846642)

welcome to lush

A mountain in the dark forest biome has an alluring entrance to a big lush cave with a mineshaft. This place is the best place to create a base with a lush cave behind or underneath. The coordinates of the lush cave are -998, 63, 427. There’s also a Woodland mansion above a huge lush cave at -1087,110, 785.

1) Two hundred blocks deep cave (Seed: 609791447)

deep cave

In this seed, you will find one of the deepest and most diverse cave biomes ever seen in Minecraft 1.19. At 11, 178, -193, there is a tall snowy mountain inside a cave over 220 blocks deep.

The cave is a mixture of all the three new biomes introduced with the Minecraft 1.19 and the Caves & Cliffs update. At the bottom, there’s also an Ancient city.

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