How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox game popular for the huge structures and builds the players have created in it. However, there are quite a few structures in Minecraft as well that generate on their own.

These structures may hold good loot items that can be helpful in your Minecraft survival journey. Inside some of these structures, you might also find rare mobs that can drop useful items upon death.

In this article, let us learn how to find a woodland mansion, one of Minecraft’s biggest naturally generated structures.

Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

One of the rarest Minecraft structures to come across is the Woodland Mansion. As the name suggests, it is a lavish house made of dark oak planks and cobblestones with a rich interior.

Where to find

mansion in forest

The woodland mansion can only be found in the dark forest biome in the Overworld. This forest biome has a ton of trees which are a lot thicker than any other tree in Minecraft.

Usually, this structure generates far away from the spawn point. It is very rare to come across a woodland mansion. However, as it is huge, it is quite easy to spot one if you are in its vicinity.

What’s inside the mansion

woodland mansion room

While exploring the mansion, you will have to fight quite a few hostile mobs. Along with the regular hostile mobs such as creepers and zombies, you will also have to fight a few uncommon mobs: evoker, and vindicator. The new mob, the Allay, can also be seen here.

The mansion has long corridors and a ton of different rooms. You may find melon farms, pumpkin farms, bookshelves, carved pumpkins, and flower pots inside a few rooms. In the newer versions of Minecraft, you can also see glow berries growing on vines in the corridors and rooms of the woodland mansion.

If you get lucky, the mansion you are exploring may have a secret room. There are different types of secret rooms, inside which you may find a loot chest, spider spawner, diamond block with a lot of obsidian, and a ton of birch planks.

Some of the most valuable items in the chest are a diamond hoe, diamond chestplate, golden apple, enchanted golden apple, and enchanted books.

Rare items obtainable from woodland mansions

totem of undying

If luck is on your side, you may have found a few diamonds while exploring the mansion. However, another rare item you can obtain here is Totems of Undying.

This rare item is dropped every time you kill an evoker, and as evokers naturally spawn here, it is quite easy to farm a few of them in a mansion. Discovering a woodland mansion is a fun experience in Minecraft as these structures generate pretty far from spawn. We hope you find a woodland mansion easily and quickly.

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